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2nd Attempt: Day 27: A chance for redemption, more pink greetings, and more dedications and way to many kms. Thursday 22nd April 2010, 62km, Steps 60517. (4/22/2010)

We left Meningie this morning with a magnificent sunrise forming over Albert Lake that after only 3kms into our run D decided to enjoy the vista and have breakfast early on the edge of the lake so as we filled our tummy’s for today’s kms we got to appreciate the beautiful start to the day at the same time.

The only thing is that the lack of water in the lake was made obvious by the size of the sandy beach around its edges. D said that when she was a child the lake was full and they use to go swimming here unfortunately the lake is only about 1 foot deep now because the lake’s only source of water is from lake Alexander which is fed by the Murray River. Due to the water not being release up stream it has really effect the farming industry around Meningie, which in turn has financially effect this lovely district. Knowing of these deficits we are humbled by the communities support for Running Pink as over $1000 was raised within the town. Thanks you.
After breakfast we had to skedaddle as D had to be in Tailem Bend over 50kms away for a meet and greet and a fundraising function. As we hit the road the day warmed and D and I really felt the heat being Tassie girls but after much panting and drinking water we started to adjust. 
As over the last few days D and I had done some high kms and I was feeling a little stiff, I stopped for a while for some road side assistance of a ultra wobble, I told you all about the wobble on our way to Darwin during our 1st half (attempt), it’s a special ultra marathon massage that helps ultras keep going. After my wobble, D of course wanted one too, copy cat, so I had to wait until she was finished before we could hit the road again and with both of us refreshed we run on to Tailem Bend.
At the out skirts of the town a policeman met us in his car and told D that he was here to give us a police escort into town. The look on D’s face was one of horror; she asked the policeman if this was a bad joke and explain that the last time we had a police escort into a town I tripped D up and we all know what happened next, 2 broken feet!!!!! I looked at D and promised that I wouldn’t trespass again and told her this was my chance at redemption. She said “I trust you Maggie, lets go” and so with huge smiles on our faces to hide our fear we ran under police escort into Tailem Bend and arrived to a fantastic greeting of pink balloons, a gathering of the local community and even some dogs with huge pink ribbons but more importantly we arrived in one piece and I finally felt that the whole broken feet incident was behind us and I could be trusted again to run with D safely into a town.
The Rotary Club of Tailem Bend had arrange a fundraising dinner in our honour at the local pub and D said that she would have to run to the caravan park so she could refresh, finish the day and GPS the spot before she could go out, the only problem was the caravan park was over 6kms away from the town and it was already dusk. I thought that there was no way I was running in the dark on a main highway so I jumped into the truck whilst paw D ran on into the night amongst the semis and traffic on the highway.
D eventually arrived at the Westbrook Caravan Park a beautiful spot along the Murray River but D had no time to enjoy the view or an evening rub down but had to have a quick shower and headed out to the function whilst I stayed home to rest after such a high kilometre day. I was feeling a little worried for my D as the day’s kilometres ended up being 62kms and here she was going out for the evening to help raise funds for the NBCF, I thought what a trooper she is and her dedication to the cause is incredible.
When D finally arrive back at the van from the function she was pooped but she told me that at the dinner she had meet three people who had all lost their mothers to breast cancer and that she had dedicated today’s very tough, very long kilometres in the memory of Paul, Liz and Linda’s mothers.  As D crawled into bed, so tired she couldn’t even speak, I gave her a big lick and told her that she was very special to me.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 1,437,168          Total kms: 1203.1km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 35 41.393’ E 139 19.793’
GPS co-ords finish: S 35 13.118’ E 139 24.341’

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