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2nd Attempt: Day 26: Quick long run, a pink greeting, talking and a dedication. Wednesday 21st April 2010, 52.7km, Steps 51,236. (4/21/2010)

As the storms from Monday morning had made D a little behind schedule she had to run very fast today to a) try and make up the 11kms she was behind and b) get to Meningie SA in time for the official meet and greet. Today the rain had finally stopped but with the moisture still in the air and the full sun out, the humidity was high and D really pushed to reach the target time and cover the 51kms to the town.   

After a great solid run D and I arrived on the edge of town where we saw some pink balloons on the welcome to Meningie sign, I thought we were definitely in the right stop and as we ventured further into the town there were poles wrapped in pink and pink balloons everywhere, the local supermarket even had Pink Lady apples on special just because we were in town. I do love a pink greeting and it really lifts my doggy heart to see a town take the time to wrap itself in pink!
 We were greeted at Meningie Foodland by a small crowd of local supporters, breast cancer survivors and members from the Meningie Lions Club and lots of hugs and photo’s. After the official handing over of the letter from the Lord Mayor of Hobart to the official representative of the Coorong Council, D and I run to the Lake Albert caravan park, a beautiful tree lined park on the edges of Lake Albert in Meningie where D had a quick shower and I a lick or two before we had to go to the local RSL hall for a Lions Club dinner in my honour.
At the dinner we meet lion’s member Keith Scopie a wonderful man with a joyous smile who lost his wife to breast cancer in 1987 because of his love for his wife Keith never remarried, his love and devotion to his wife touch our hearts and we would like to dedicate today’s kilometres in memory of Joan Scopie.
After a great BBQ dinner, yum sausage for me, more members of the Meningie community arrived and D gave a great inspirational speaks about the how, when, what she does and why she does what she does. I have heard this speak a 1000 times but I never get tired of hearing it and D always makes everyone in the room feel proud to be an Aussie all I can say is RUN GIRL RUN!
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 1,376,651          Total kms: 1142.1km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 36 03.450’ E 139 35.461’
GPS co-ords finish: S 35 41.393’ E 139 19.793’

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