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2nd Attempt: Day 24: 1000km mark! Monday 19th April 2010, 43.6km, Steps 52531. (4/19/2010)

As the alarm went off this morning there was an almighty clap and down came the rain in bucket loads. Now I am a very brave dog but thunder and lightening scares me and I really don’t like running on the road it thunder storms as I feel that I am a beacon just ready to be hit! I was lying in my bed thinking to myself as I shuddered with fear, surely D wouldn’t make me go out there in this weather when another almightily clap shook the caravan, that was it for me I leaped from my pooch palace under the caravan table and dived head first under D’s pillow. I wanted the double effect of comfort from my D and to tell her under no circumstances was I venturing out there until the storm was over. I really put my paw down about this and D’s common sense prevailed or she let me have my way but she wrapped her arms around me and we let the storm pass whilst tucked up in the comfort of D’s bed.

Finally, a little late, we left the caravan park, in the rain and as we headed out of town we came across a giant lobster on the side of the road and I thought what a great opportunity for a photo shoot! After some tourist shots we ventured into the Big Lobster Café/Restaurant for a bite to eat as D really want her favourite a café latte and I wanted a puppycino. When we went to pay the lovely man who owned the Big Lobster said that breakfast was on him as this was his donation to our cause we were very grateful and we recommended anyone who is in Kingston SE to grab a meal here as the food was great!
After being fed we ran on into the drizzly rain to a very special point, as 8.7kms down the road we would be crossing our 1000km mark for this our 2nd half lap around Australia.   We arrived at the mark in pouring rain, great photo of wet D and soggy doggy NOT but with huge smiles on our faces and all of a sudden D just started to cry I looked at her and asked what’s up? D said they were tears of joy because when she originally went to the surgeon’s office last year with broken navicula bones on both her feet one of the health professionals there told her she would never run 1000kms again and that she should give up on her dream of being the first female to run around Australia.  D has a NEVER TELL ME NEVER attitude and after a long climb back she was now here at the 1000km mark on her 2nd half to her goal in Darwin (on the 1st October 2010) to become the first female to run around Australia all I can say is D’s courage and determination is a truly inspirational Australian story! At this historical mark we also took a moment to say thanks a thousand to Mr Mark Blackney, (D’s great surgeon), Andrew Wynd, (D’s physio) and Jason Agosta (D’s podiatrist) for helping D get back on the road so she can help so many others.
After our big moment we kept on running and suddenly a car pulled over, it was Pip from yesterday with some steaks, hugs and a bottle of home made tomato sauce, what a champion and the steaks sound great to me!
As D had the very late start this morning we had to reset our target for the day to a marathon and once we had achieve this goal we found a great roadside camp spot about 1 km away so it wasn’t very much further to run for the day. I was quite wiped out after our day’s running in the rain and cold so I had something warm to eat, cuddled up on D’s bed and fell into a black and white dream.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 1,260,691          Total kms: 1034.9km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 36 50.225’ E 139 50.759’
GPS co-ords finish: S 36 28.905’ E 139 49.250’

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