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2nd Attempt: Day 23: Australia is full of great women (including me of course!). Sunday 18th April 2010, 45.3km, Steps 52541. (4/18/2010)

Left Lakeside caravan park in Robe early and had a head wind all the way to our destination Kingston SE. I do hate that head wind it really isn’t a runner’s friend and in causes pant-o-moan - ium.

By the time we arrived at the town limits of Kingston I had just about had enough of this running thing when a car pulled over that had Tassie plates on it and a couple from my town, who would you believe, live just around the corner from us, gave us a donation. You just got to love that Tassie support!
With my spirits a little lifted we ran on to the town centre where we were greeted by members of the community and I got some adoring pats from the local kids. As I as lapping up the attention I was feeling that my life on the road wasn’t too bad after all and that I shouldn’t let a little head wind get me down.
Amongst the well wishers was a woman, Tiarni who was about to attempt her first marathon – great stuff! She asked D for marathon advice and D sheepishly confessed that the only official marathon she had ever run was the Hobart marathon a couple of years ago and she was only there to help a friend achieve there first marathon which they walked a bit so she wasn’t really the person to ask if you wanted to achieve a fast pace marathon. You see our D loves ultras and the longer the race the happier she is, give her a 6 or 10 day race and she’s in her elements. D never really enters marathon races as that’s what she would run on a Sunday as her long training day run. Anyway her and Tiarni had a bit of a runners chat and then Tiarni gave D a great book about an inspiration fitness couple from Melbourne which D thought was very kind and pleased to receive.
After our witness book had been signed and everyone said their piece one of the women, Pip offered to ride along with D and I until we got the caravan park as it turned out D and Pip had a great deal in common as they had both spent time with broken feet/legs and the whole operation, plaster, crutches and cam-walker ordeal. D felt inspired by Pip’s story as she had had a motorcycle accident and it was 16 months before she could walk again independently D told her that she had had enough after 7 months and was amazed at Pip fantastic attitude to life. With a kiss and a hug we said goodnight to Pip and after our traditional Sunday roast for tea, with nice full tummies the crew, D and I cuddled up in our respective beds to catch up on the z’s.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 1,208,160          Total kms: 991.3km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 37 09.964’ E 139 46.190’
GPS co-ords finish: S 36 50.225’ E 139 50.759’

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