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2nd Attempt: Day 19: Media everywhere, a ship with no water and another dedication. Wednesday 14th April 2010, 46.3km, Steps 55581. (4/14/2010)

The cloud cover of yesterday produced a rainy start this morning and by the time D had spoken to Andy from ABC Hobart we were quite wet.  

We were feeling like we had just about had enough of rain when after breakfast a man pulled over in his truck and gave a donation and told D about losing his wife 4 years ago to breast cancer D gave him a big hug and a thank you and yet again was reassure why she was out here in the cold.
The radio interviews and the rain didn’t stop all morning and as we made our way to the SA border D was interviewed three more times! She found it a bit difficult to run and talk on the mobile phone whilst trying to keep it dry and it was a bit of a sight to see D with her rain coat not on but over her head like an umbrella whilst talking and plodding down the road. With all the interviews by the time we arrived at the border D was talked out so she silently showed her excitement of entering a different state by giving me a huge hug, one of my favourite things. 
We are now in the state of South Australia which is often considered the driest state on the driest continent in the world but guess what it was raining! Oh course the rain genie was on the road. I have said to D that we could raise thousands of $$$ for the NBCF if we just charge all the areas with no water to get D to run there as I am sure it would rain. 
As I crossed the border I realised I was a border too or am I a boarder? Perhaps I’m both but I certainly earn my keep I know that for sure.
Finally about 5 kms into the new state the rain stopped and we had a great run into Mt Gambier.  Just before we got to the city fringe we meet Stuart the man from this morning whose wife had died from BC and he again gave D a hug and wished us well. What a lovely man and his story touched D’s heart.
Running into central Mt Gambier we stopped by a very large and tall ship in the middle of a park (quite strange as there was no water anywhere) and a car pulled over and out jumped two very familiar faces, it turn out to be the Nicholson’s whom we had met at the Pink Panther Hotel a local and quite infamous watering hole in Larrimah NT when D and I were on our 1st half (attempt) of the world record back in May 2009. They read about us arriving into Mt Gambier and wanted to come down and say hello, give D a cheer for being so brave to run again after her broken feet and to just wish us all the best. I am always so surprised by the amount of people who remember us and our story and how much they are supporting us as we make it to Darwin to complete our lap and onwards to Melbourne as we raise those all important funds for breast cancer research.
We were about to run off to the official meeting at Centro Mt Gambier when a television crew arrived and wanted some glam shots of me running. Wow I am a popular dog with the paparazzi today!
Finally we made it to Centro, to more media this time the press and where a small crowd of community members had gathered to wish us well and hear D’s inspirational story. We were officially meet by the Deputy Mayor of Mt Gambier Cr Byron Harfield and during the course of the conversation Cr Harfield said to D “I am glad you survived breast cancer” D was very touched by this and then Byron added “my sister didn’t, she died aged 44” that was it for D and I could see the tears swelling on the edges of eyes and she told Byron about how she likes to dedicate days on the road to people who lost they battle with breast cancer and that she would like to dedicate this day to his sister and today’s kms are in loving memory of Corinne Lee Lusty.
Today is a day to paws and reflect on those who didn´t survive their battle against breast cancer.
Running with you soon
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 997,373          Total kms: 812.7km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 37 55.421’ E 141 10.305’
GPS co-ords finish: S 37 48.374’ E 140 43.794’

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