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2nd Attempt: Day 17: A short day and visits from lions. Monday 12th April 2010, 28km, Steps 32457. (4/12/2010)

As today was scheduled to be a so called “rest” day,(a rest day for D means a day of lower kilometres so she can take her time and also get rest off the road) D decided to give herself and the crew a sleep in and start the day around 8am.   We woke and had breakfast first up which D tends not to do as most of the time she prefers to get 5 – 10 kilometres in before she eats so her tummy wakes up but as D’s folks were headed to Heywood to fundraise we needed to get breakfast over with so they could hit the road and set up the stall outside the IGA. D often says that if it wasn’t for her parents setting up a fundraising table in all the communities that we visit and selling our Running Pink products we wouldn’t raise the $$$ that we do and she is forever grateful for their help and support.

Luckily it was a great day for running, finally today the rain had stopped and there was a cool breeze with cloud cover and even the landscape was kind, undulating but no serious hills. We got into Heywood about 3pm and as D was hungry she asked a local where she might find something to eat and he said the best pies in Australia are sold at the bakery just 250 metres away, D didn’t need a second invitation and yes the man wasn’t wrong they were great pies!   D then ran to the Pinewoods Caravan Park who had kindly donated a site for the night and D then settled down to try and catch up with all the paper work that is involved with an event like this, whilst I just settled down for a nice dognap. After a shower, thank god as D was starting to smell and just before tea a group of lions come to visit, no not the African type but members from the lions club of Heywood who presented D with a donation cheque of $200 and stay around for a chat we are very grateful for their support towards our cause. After the lions had exited D and the crew had a beautiful roast dinner, cooked by D’s mum and I had VIP’s and milk. Yum.

Running with you soon

Maggie (Director of Greeting)

Total steps: 881,390          Total kms: 715.2km

Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.

GPS co-ords start: S 38 17 931’ E 141 37.337’

GPS co-ords finish: S 38 07.433’ E 141 38.039’

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