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2nd Attempt: Day 16: Terrible weather but rewarded with a wonderful home cooked meal. Sunday 11th April 2010, 47.4km, Steps 57350. (4/11/2010)

Due to yesterdays late start last night D hadn’t quite managed the kilometres she was hoping for to get to Portland today by 3pm to meet the Mayor and the Portland community therefore to arrive on time in Portland over 50kms away, D had to start her running day an hour earlier which meant she was on the road at 5am. At that time, as we left Yambuk our camp spot for the night, it was dark, thundering, with lighting, a very strong head wind and within 3 minutes of being on the road down come the hail, that was it for me NO way was this dog going to be out there in those conditions so I jumped into the truck quickly and watched D as she run with the truck behind her so she could see where she was going in the head lights. I thought to myself why would you do this? This weather is not even good for ducks!!! But our D just kept her head down and plodded into the dawn.

Day break didn’t bring much better weather and the second hail storm hit D by 7am so when D reached the pink convoy for breakfast she was shivering and soaked through. We plied her with warm cups of black coffee and honey (her favourite) and she changed into dry clothes unfortunately she wasn’t dry for long as the pattern for the rest of the day was one of one rain/hail front after another, at times hitting D with such strong head winds it looked as if she was standing still. At one stage after the third dry clothes change D hid under a bush to escape getting wet as another hail storm come through. 
Due to the weather conditions at about 2.30pm we realized we were about 13kms from Portland and there was no way D could run into town with the time available, and as she had received a call saying there were a few people waiting to meet us at Portland she just had to be there on time, so we decided to GPS the spot and drive into town with the intention of returning to the spot after we had meet everyone and continue running until days end. D’s not a big fan of driving forward, then driving back, then running afterwards as it is very hard and painful to run after she has been standing around for an hour talking to people but D knows that this journey isn’t about her needs it’s about being there for the people who have taken the time to raise funds for our cause. So we GPS the spot and drove to meet the Mayor and the community which was the best thing to do as the Portland community raise over $1,000 for our cause. 
After the meet and greet and the press taking photos of me we drove back to the 13kms spot and D yet again run into the rain. At about 3kms from Portland and the Henty Beach Caravan Park where we were to stay the night the rain finally stopped and the sun came out for the first time so I decided to run with D until the caravan park and as we arrived I felt very proud of myself and that I had done my bit for the day by helping D in those last few kilometres. 
After such a horrendous day with the weather D was utterly exhausted luckily Wendy who owns the Henty Beach Caravan Park and meet D when she walked around Australia in 2004 (see gave D the keys to a cabin where she could have a spa bath. Wendy had also prepared for D and the crew a beautiful home cooked meal so we spent the evening eating, laughing and just catching up with great company. Thanks Wendy, you recharged D’s batteries after a very hard day.
Running with you soon
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 848,933          Total kms: 687.2km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 38 18.873’ E 142 03.840’
GPS co-ords finish: S 38 17 931’ E 141 37.337’

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