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2nd Attempt: Day 14: Rain, massage and a garden of earthy delights. Friday 9th April 2010, 44.6km, Steps 56189. (4/9/2010)

Left this morning in heavy fog and everything looked as if it was made out of cotton wool with visibility almost zero it was hard to see anything, luckily D had a radio interview from her mobile so I could locate her amongst all the mist by the sound of her voice.  

As the fog lifted we could see the sky was covered in dark grey clouds and there was an “it’s going to rain” type of feeling in the air, the guess the rain genie was at work again! As the weather started to dampen my spirits I decided that it was time for an anti run protest, I gave D a stern look and said “if you don’t let me in the car I will trip you over again” I knew it was a low act, considering she had broken both her feet tripping over me in the NT during our first half of the loop around oz but I just didn’t want to get wet and spoil my coiffure. Having finally settled into the back of the truck what was inevitable fell from the sky, paw D had to keep running and as morning tea come around D arrived drenched and very concerned about her blisters being wet and rubbing. Due to D having blisters under her toenails she had cut the top of her shoes out so her feet, were really soaked through we decided to use an old Cliff Young trick and wrapped her feet in supermarket bags in the attempt to keep them dry. Wow! We now have a real bag lady running on the side of the road, not a good look!  D has often said being an ultra marathoner isn’t a glamorous sport leave the bling to the sprinters. All I can say is who cares what it looked like it worked and D arrived in Warrnambool to meet the mayor on time some what wet and sporting her new plastic bag feet look! For once the paparazzi wanted photos of D instead of me so I think I might try the bag look for next time I am in front of the press.
After the official welcome, photos etc D was invited to have a leg massage from the lovely ladies at Gloss Hair and Beauty in Centro Warrnambool so off she went and after about ½ hour D reappeared relaxed and walking not as stiffly, it was a lovely and kind gesture from the ladies and very much appreciated after the cold and wet day on the road and as our budget doesn’t stretch into luxuries like leg massages we thank the girls from the bottom of our hearts as it sure helped keep D on the road.
As D had been to Warrnambool before she remember a local restaurant that served a pizza called the Garden of Earthly Delights which she said was packed full of seasoned veggies like carrot, broccoli, potato, mushroom etc, not my cup of tea and as the crew all went out for their pizza I had a huge bowl of VIP’s and milk but feel asleep to strange dreams of running through a Hieronymus Bosch landscape.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 736,111          Total kms: 593km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 38 14.542’ E 142 54.553’
GPS co-ords finish: S 38 22.893’ E 142 29.307’

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