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2nd Attempt: Day 12: Running with an old and dear friend and practising my new act. Wednesday 7th April 2010, 46.7km, Steps 56578. (4/7/2010)

Woke to a misty morning and decided that it was not my cup of tea and as Michael HH who caught up with us yesterday had come out early this morning to spend the day running with D, I thought I would stay in the car today and have a lazy day. 

Being a black and white dog I have been practicing a black and white mistral show to entertain D and the crew at night I have even thought up a new song for my act.
“Maggie, how I love you, how I love you, my dear old Maggie”
With my top hat and tails it should be quite and good act. The only thing is I am a little paw at handling the top hat but I should be okay with the tails and D’s got a big bag of bowtie pasta in the cupboard so I outfit will be complete.
As D and Michael were running through Colac the local paparazzi wanted another photo and I saw it as an opportunity to show them my act, I think it went down well. Whilst I was doing the photo shoot another pair of old running friends of D turned up, Glenn and Emma who D knew from her days of running in the Colac Cliff Young 6 day race. Unfortunately at the present moment this race isn’t being held but over the 20 years it was run in Colac there were many exciting moments with great records being set, D herself set and U35 female record in 2004 only 6 weeks after her world record walk around Australia. The 6 day Colac race was the training ground for many of the long distance ultra running/walking record and the greats of the sport have run in this race such as Pat Farmer, Cliff Young, Yiannis Kouros, Drew Kelly, Dawn Parris, Brian Bloom, Tony Rafferty etc. The lessons D learnt whilst doing the 6 day Colac helps her every day on the road and she is passionate about when she returns to get this race up and going again.
Michael need to leave at that point but said he would be back later in the day and as D was to continue out of Colac alone I decided to joint her for a while but I really didn’t feel like running much so after an hour I decided to rest again. I didn’t feel too guilty about leaving D alone as Michael was back and he run with D until about 4.30pm where D then gave him a hug and kiss goodbye before running on until she was about 10kms from Camperdown. D felt quite good with the day as she was now only 10kms behind schedule but very happy as she had spend a day talking and laughing with great company and had manage to get 2 more kilometres back. As the crew hadn’t had a shower for a few days and they were starting to a get a bit on the dog’s nose, D decided to GPS and mark the spot in her custom way, a pink ribbon spray painted on the road and drive forward to the Camperdown caravan park who had generously donated a site for the night to have a warm shower and a hot meal. The Caravan Park is situated on the edge of an extinct volcano and I could look down into the crater, I went to sleep dreaming of a world where this crater was filled with milk all for me.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 634,655          Total kms: 511.8km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 38 18.677’ E 143 43.511’
GPS co-ords finish: S 38 15.743’ E 143 16.878’

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