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2nd Attempt: Day 9: Easter Sunday and the Easter Bunny gave D 3 presents. Sunday 4th April 2010, 43.9km, Steps 41982. (4/4/2010)

We started the day with an Easter egg hunt, D got way more chocy eggs than I but she told me she would share. After a breakfast of coffee and eggs we headed out for Geelong D was in very bad shape hobbling terribly and after only 2kms she pulled our pink caravan over to see what was doing on with her feet. Once her shoes were off I looked in her direction to see that the sole of her left sock was covered in blood I thought “my god, this looks bad” and as D’s mum removed the sock we all saw for the first time the extent of D’s blister problem. How the hell has she been running in that condition? I sat down by my D and gave her a loving lick I wanted her to know how much I admired her for her dedication to the cause that we are raising money and that she would continue to run on no matter what. D’s mum dressed D’s feet the best she could and D continued on.

We were running along and I saw a wonderful puddle of water that just looked too inviting to miss but as soon as I was frolicking around the damn paparazzi caught up with me again snapping photo’s of me when I was enjoying a nice play in a mud puddle. I can’t even enjoy I private bath!
As I was not allowed on the freeway, we had to go the back way down all the old roads to Geelong and as all of us, D, crew member Glyn and I have no sense of direction, it was a lot of stopping and starting for map reading etc. Lucky about 10kms into our day, D’s first Easter present arrived in the form of another ultra runner, David Hughes who at least had some idea of the direction we should be taking and as it turned out would also be an wonderful support for D by running with her all day till Little River, as she battled through her blister problem. I am so very grateful her David’s support and company and thank him with all my doggy heart.
D’s second Easter present arrived about mid morning as we were heading into Werribee, this present was in the form of a friend and blister expert Malcolm Matthews who knews a lot about runners and their feet. He came with his magic bag of feet repairing tricks and the special Dr Wheatgrass antioxidant skin recovery spray and after a moment or two D was running down the road with David in much better form.
At Little River David and D parted company and D decided that we should try and find a park somewhere on the side of the road for the night as her feet were aching and she just couldn’t do any more. At that moment D’s third Easter present arrived, a car pulled up to us and a man introduced himself as Mario Florentino the publican of the Little River Hotel and he invited us all to camp the night @ the hotel, an offer too good to refuse. We arrived @ the hotel to a warm welcome from all the patrons, a free drink, quite a few donations and a very welcomed shower for D and the crew, as they do get a bit smelly on the road but I try not to say much to them about it as I do hate to offend.
All in all a good day with many Easter angels looking after us.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 467,897          Total kms: 373.1km
Recorded from D´s GPS that is always on her as she runs
GPS co-ords start: S 37 49.992’ E 144 48.318’
GPS co-ords finish: S 37 57.916’ E 144 29.816’

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