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2nd Attempt: Day 8: Hello Mainland and Oh What a day! Saturday 3rd April 2010, 21km, Steps 29030 (4/3/2010)

After I very sleepless night D finally rescued me from the den of inequity in which she had placed me and she spent a good half and hour trying to make up for her bad behaviour with lots of pats and cuddles but I was in such a bad mood with her that I couldn’t see her sincerity past my own feelings. I’m not the pouting pooch type BUT last night was one of those moments that defy logic to me and I wasn’t going to let D off easily.  

Finally D had had enough of my mopping as we still haven’t left the ship and she was delaying her arrival onto the shores of the mainland because of me. She told me to get a wriggle on and she dressed me in my finest pink coat and shoes then said “Are you ready Maggie? Big smiles now” and we started to run off the ship onto the sky bridge and for the second time in my life I was over whelmed by the vastness of the Melbourne metropolis skyline and I thought I’m far, far from home and started to feel a little vulnerable, small and a little ashamed of my earlier behaviour so I looked up sheepishly into D’s eyes and was reassured by the love that she has for me. Come on Maggie she said it’s time for you to shine and I turned to realise that all cameras where on us as they filmed us running from the ship. 
You all know how much I love to smile for the camera! My mood improved instantly.
The filming took forever and as we had a sponsorship appointment at Lululemon Athletica in Prahran at 10am, D ended my posing for the camera early so we could make it to our appointment in time. However the film crew hadn’t got enough coverage of me so we had to make an appointment to catch up with them after our sponsorship commitments. D and I arrived at Lululemon to a great reception with pink cup cakes and D got some great pink clothes! 
As I was keen to get back to the camera that adores me this time I told D to get a wriggle on and we made our way back to Port Melbourne when we were to commence running and filming. The only problem was now the time was 11.30am and D and hadn’t run one step in the right direction which was towards Werribee some 42kms west, where we were scheduled to be for the night and were expected there at 4pm for another fundraising appointment with the Mayor of Werribee.
However the filming took another solid hour of our time and finally by 12.30pm we were on our own and heading in the right direction but we only had about 3 hours of running time left. With D suffering through her blisters she manage to achieve the minimum required distance of 20kms plus 1 before the time come where she had to head to Werribee to make her mayor appointment.
Y 3.30pm we had just finished our recording of the day’s kilometres  with our GPS monitors etc when a car pulled up beside the van and lo and behold Fran and Ian Henke, who had looked after D and I whilst D was mending from her broken feet had pulled up to see us. They came bearing gifts of D’s favourite sweet, Indian burfi and the memories of our time together flooded back. Fran and Ian have two lovely dogs Raj and KB who use to play with me in front of the television which was great fun. The best thing was as I am always an opportunist eater I could slip away and nick their dog food whilst they were engaged in there frivolities. After many hugs and pats exchange by all we hopped into the car and headed for Werribee just in time to meet our fundraising appointment with the mayor which was a huge success. Afterwards we drove back to our GPS stop to run a further extra couple of kilometres before we came across a vacant car lot in front of a factory where we could safely park for the night. Unfortunately due to D’s blisters and all our engagements today we are now 21kms behind schedule and are staying the night in the industrial estate of Laverton…as I look around me I see a vista of concrete walls and wire fences and I am quietly missing the green hills and trees of home.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 425,915          Total kms: 329.2km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 37 50.591’ E 144 55.926’
GPS co-ords finish: S 37 49.992’ E 144 48.318’

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