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2nd Attempt: Day 7: Bye Tassie, Friday 2nd April 2010, 52.4km, Steps 65550 (4/2/2010)

Tonight we are catching the boat to the mainland so we have a big day to run from Deloraine to the dock in Devonport from where the Spirit of Tasmania departs. Paw D her blisters are becoming worse, the one on her left foot is now weeping blood and she is very hobbled but as you know my D is built from tough stuff, you all remember she ran over 800kms on broken feet so she is just sucking up the pain and keeps shuffling forward.

Alistair (my daddy) spent most of the day with us on the road trying to help D through the day but unfortunately around 3pm he had to start heading back to Launceston so with a belly rub for me and hug for D we all waved goodbye to each from the side of the road as he turned around stuck his thumb out and caught a lift home.   D and I took one last look at the car that was taking Alistair away before D turned to me bent down for a pat and said “cheer up Maggie you’ll see him soon” and started her slow run towards the boat that would take us away from our little island home. I know that like me D is feeling a little sad to be leaving our home state again but we are proud Tasmanians who are trying to achieve a huge goal and we know that Tassie and the rest of Australia is behind us.  
We pushed on through the kilometres and our emotions to reach the Spirit with adequate time to spare so we all had a very nice dinner together in our pink home before boarding the ship and with a full tummy I was looking forward to a nice quite sleep in our cabin. To my amazement D betrayed me! Instead of heading to her comfortable cabin for a cosy night sleep she put me in a CAGE!  For the night! Luckily I could see my special pink home but it was of little comfort as I will be spending the night in a cold cell! How many stars can one drop in the accommodation stakes and still maintain ones dignity?   I tell you what I will have a thing or two to say to D in the morning. I am one unhappy dog.
Grumpy, sad and all alone
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 383930          Total kms: 308.2km

Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.

GPS co-ords start: S 41 31.663’ E 146 39.114’
GPS co-ords finish: S 41 10.602’ E 146 21.984’

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