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2nd Attempt: Day 1: We are off again, 27th March 2010. 30.1km, 38752 steps (3/27/2010)

Hello once again welcome back to my blog, I am so excited to be starting my 2nd attempt to beat Deborah around Australia…oops…I meant run with Deborah around Australia. We all rose early this morning and everyone got into their very best pink outfits for the launch of the run. I will admit my pink coat was a little snug around the middle, I guess I have gain a few pounds since the last time I wore it, not to worry with all the running I am about to do it will fit properly in no time at all. We arrived at the Parliament House Gardens in Hobart to a warm welcome from our NBCF friends Judi and Kathra. Lucky for me the Rotary Club of Bellerive was there and guess what they had a sausage sizzle, golly I’ve missed the good old days on the road where I was welcomed with a sausage everywhere I went. I limited myself to two sausages as I felt conscious of my portly profile. My friend the Lord Mayor of Hobart Mr Rod Valentine was there to send us off, what a lovely name he has I think this must be the origin of Valentines Day, as Rod seems to be such a Valentinacious (loving) kind of person. With a Paparazzi frenzy and a witty speech from Rod we were off and running. After 5kms I really regretted that second sausage but with 17626 kms to go I suppose I needed the energy. I’ll be getting around Australia 1 sausage at a time…that’s sausage power for you.

Running with you soon
Maggie (Director of Greeting)

Total steps: 38752            Total kms: 30.1km

Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.

GPS co-ords start: S 42 53.156’ E 147 19.855’
GPS co-ords finish: S 42 40.416’ E 147 15.615’

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