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New Year News (1/7/2010)


Hi all Maggie here with the latest news from Running Pink
Firstly, Deborah, the Running Pink team & I hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas surround by loved ones with lots of good food and festive cheer. We spend Christmas with friends in Melbourne and I manage to do my big brown eye trick and win some turkey and ham for myself. 
I received the best Christmas present that a dog could ever have; after 2 surgeries, months and months of plaster, cam-walkers and rehab on Xmas day Deborah and I ran for the first time as a team again. Oh what joy to have my best girlfriend next to me again! It wasn’t a long run but it was one of the best runs of my doggy life and the joy on my D’s face was incredible.
Deborah and I slipped quietly into 2010, D was very tired and sore from starting training again and I wanted to avoid those noisy fireworks that upset my nervous but we are looking forward to an exciting new year, running!
I am so pleased that D is up on her feet again and that we are now moving forward towards our 2nd attempt to be the 1st female and the 1st dog to run around Australia.  I am proud to say that we will be starting our 2nd attempt on the 27th March 2010 from Hobart and I look forward to keeping you all informed about our adventures through my VIP Petfood blog on our official website
After long discussion the Running Pink team, Deborah and I decided that our main goals for the 2nd attempt was to raise that all important $300,000 for the National Breast Cancer foundation AND to finish! Therefore the 2nd attempt is a little different then the previous attempt, firstly we will be going clockwise and secondly the total time/distance has been reduced. We will be running 50 kms a day, everyday for 351 days to achieve a total of 17,300kms. This schedule will allow us to spend more time fundraising and reduce some of the pressure on D’s feet. 
The new running schedule for the 2nd attempt will be posted on the website soon so you can all start planning to come and see us or arrange a fundraising event for when we are in your area in 2010/2011. If you would like to discuss your fundraising ideas with us please email
Finally thanks to everyone for all the emails, txt, snail mail, phone calls, messages, facebook wall posts, carrier pigeons etc that you all sent us during Deborah’s recovery it really helped her to stay focus on getting back on the road so we can help raise those all important funds for breast cancer research.
We all hope that your Christmas wishes came true and that you, like us, have a good year ahead.
Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting

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