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Journey´s end (for now). Day 224, 21.2km  (6/5/2009)


We drove into Darwin early this morning to meet Dr Thompson with D’s x-rays, CT and Bone scans in hand. Unfortunately the prognosis wasn’t good as due to her fallen over me in Elliot D has developed stress fractures on her navicula bone in both her feet. This means that D ran over 857 kilometres from Elliot to Darwin and beyond on broken bones, I can’t even image the pain that must have caused her. Dr Thompson explain that this is the worst place to get a fracture in your foot and if the fracture is left unattended parts of the navicula bone could die and shatter and then D would never be able to run again, as one of D’s life goals is to run 1 mile at 90 years of age she said she would adhere to whatever advice Dr Thompson gives her regarding this situation. Dr Johnson said that with surgery an athlete can starting to train again within 3 months from the operation and compete again within 7 months but he also understood that if it was possible D wanted to continue with her journey so Dr Johnson said he wanted to talk with a colleague in Melbourne who is a specialist in this type of injury in athletes to see if D could by any chance continue with her run and if she did continue what would be the consequences, so he said that she should do her required 20 kms today and he would get back to her later today with a answer.  As D was leaving he told her the story of Glynis Nunn who won a gold medal at the 1984 Olympics with the same condition D has but unfortunately her bones did shatter and today she has plastic replacements and really can’t run anymore. This story really didn’t give D much hope for the future of this attempt on the world record and with a heavy heart we all drove back to yesterday’s finishing point and D ran 21.1kms from there keeping the record alive for one more day. After running we yet again drove back to Coolalinga and D was just going for a swim when her phone rang and it was Dr Johnson, I could see on the look of D’s face and the tears rolling down her eyes as she spoke to the doctor that the news wasn’t good, I sat down beside her to give her comfort and she hugged me as she spoke to the doctor for another ½ hour. After the call D sat the Running Pink team down and explained that it was recommended by the specialist that D should not continue running with the fractures or she would destroy her navicula bones and then would never be able to run again. She then went on to say that it was the end of the road for us and this attempt for the world record however she said that after surgery and recovery time D would like to make a 2nd attempt on the record early next year and she asked if we would support her again. In true D spirit she had asked the doctor when she would be able to run again and start another attempt on the record before she even asked the when, who, how etc regarding surgery and treatment, you really have to admire D’s guts and determination sometimes. For a second there I did shake my head to clear my ears to see if I was hearing right, I couldn’t believe she was already planning to do it all again and had go information out of the doctor about when she could run again but she couldn’t tell us when she would be having surgery etc.  I said to her are you mad? She said probably but her quest wasn’t finished yet and again she asked if we would help her, all the Running Pink team and me said of course we would support D again, so even though this journey ends today, a new one will begin in the not too distance future. At this point D broke down and cried, big tears of sorrow and disappointment, as she express her emotions about not achieving her goal and how she feels she has let people down by not finishing. I gave D a cuddle and told her she should be very proud of what she has done and what we have achieved. The success story of the run is D and I, with the help of the Running Pink Team managed to:
·         We raised $100,000 for the NBCF
·         D and I are the first female and the first dog to run from Hobart to Darwin via the east coast
·         D ran 10825 kilometres in 224 days
·         For 224 days we were on the road we raised awareness about breast cancer, the NBCF, and the importance of early detection
As it is a long weekend here we will need to stay around Darwin until Tuesday when the doctor will ring Deborah as he wants to see her again to talk about the when, who and how of Deborah’s surgery and recovery. So now a new story begins and I say to you all keep watching and reading this space as I will keep you all posted on D’s recovery and journey back to the road.
Definitely running with you in the future
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)
PS Today was D’s dad birthday and we wishing him happy birthday and look forward to spending many more together.

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