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Another hospital visit and running in the dark. Day 223, 21.7km  (6/4/2009)


At 8am this morning D arrived at the hospital to have a radiation injection as the preamp to the bone scan, we were then told to leave and come back in 3 hours. D thought she could run some of the required kilometres during this time but she was told that it would be better if she didn’t so she went shopping instead. A bit of retail therapy always lifts the spirit and D returned to the hospital feeling a little happier. Unfortunately this mood wasn’t going to last long as the bone scan revealed that the situation with D’s feet is not good at all. The thing about this type of bone scan is that it is the closest thing to revealing pain in the body by showing blood pressure in areas of the body where there could be damage, in D’s case a large area on the top of both her feet was showing positive to large amounts of blood build up.  We met up with Dr John Johnson who had arranged everything for D and suggested that D would need a CT scan so they could find out more about the situation. Whilst D was having the CT scan done, Dr Johnson rang the only specialist sports doctor in Darwin to arrange for him to see D regarding her feet and if she could continue on with the world record run. The sports doctor, Dr Geoffrey Thompson an extremely busy man was willing to see D tomorrow morning at 6.45am as it was the only time he was available, as D is usually up then and was very grateful that he would see her she wasn’t complaining about the time. By the time D finish at the hospital and drove back to yesterday’s finishing spot it was 4.30pm and she hadn’t even started to run her required 20 kms to keep the record alive. For about 2 hours D ran up the highway before she lost all light and then with a touch in hand and Glyn going about 500 metres ahead at a time, D ran on in the dark to finally finish her 21.7kms at 8pm. I know D was worried about the situation with her feet but for now she was happy that the record was alive for one more day. With smiles on our faces we drove back to Coolalinga, had dinner a shower and then bed.
Thanking the wonderful Dr Johnson for his effort with D.
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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