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Hospital visit. Day 222, 21.1km  (6/3/2009)


I woke this morning determine to have a chat to D but found her crying as her condition had deteriorated overnight, her thigh muscles where locked up, swollen and severely bruised and her left foot was also very swollen, something was seriously wrong and D decided that she needed to see a doctor ASAP so we headed for the Darwin Hospital. On arrival into emergency D explained what was happening to the nurse and also that she still needed to do 20kms today to keep the record alive, they were really good to her and within a short period of time she was seeing a physio and then a doctor. Luckily the bruising on the back of D’s thigh was nothing to worry about and the muscle lock was due to D compensating for the injury and pain of her feet. The feet are a different situation and both the physio and the doctor wanted D to have an x-ray. When we got the x-rays back they didn’t really show much but the medicos still wanted to investigate the situation more so they arranged for a bone scan to be done tomorrow. By the time we all got back to the caravan park and D started running it was close to 2.30pm so it was decided that D would only do the minimum kilometres for the day to keep the record alive.  As D was in a lot of pain Glyn decided to go with her on the road to help her through the distance and D’s dad would drive the support vehicle. After about 1 hour Ken ran to see how D’s visit to the hospital went and to ask where she was they chatted away on the phone for a while and then we ran on. Half an hour later Ken turned up, to help D through till the end of the day.  I really like this man, over the last few days he has selflessly helped D through these difficult times and his lovely wife Ros has been out supporting him through the running, what a pair of heroes and I know for sure that they will be life friends with D and me. A big thank you to you both as your support has really helped D stay on the road. At the half marathon mark D, Glyn, Ken and D’s dad had a beer to celebrate the end of the day and for keeping the run and record alive for one more day. We marked the road, said our goodbyes to Ken and Ros and drove back to the caravan park where D collapsed into bed. I am hoping that tomorrow we will have some answers and a solution to D’s feet problem.
Living in hope
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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