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A helping hand when needed. Day 220, 42.4km  (6/1/2009)


It felt like I had just put my head down last night when the alarm went off at 1.30am this morning, I did look at D and said silently under my breath in not too nice a tone that this really goes beyond the call of duty, no one should be getting up this early to start running, even if you have an appointment to meet a Lord Mayor! I really do admire D’s determination and commitment for the cause but doesn’t she know that I need my beauty sleep. Seeing the look on my face and knowing that I don’t like running in the dark, D told that I could sleep in the truck until we were close to Darwin I gave her a thank you lick and curled up on my truck blankie. We left the caravan park at 2pm and managed to get D running on the road around 3am. At one stage I looked out the front of the car and there was my D running along in front in the dark what a trooper! As we came into the out skirts of Darwin the sun came up and the world around began to take shape and I looked up from my sleeping space to see D still hobbling along. We stopped for breakfast, D expressed concerns about been able to get into Darwin on time as she was really struggling with her feet when she had just finished telling us her issues the phone rang, it was Ken Nash who we’d met on the road a few days previously and wanted to know if D still would like him to run with her. D was very pleased to hear from him and told him she was having a hard time and Ken said he would be there to ran with her ASAP and sure enough within half an hour Ken was there running alongside D and helping her through the pain. The great thing also about having a “local” run with you is they know where to go so it makes it a lot easier to get into a city when someone is directing you. Ken was also great as he understood what D was going through because of his previous long distance runs it always helps to have fellow ultras run with you through the difficult times as they understand the pain, the determination and the endurance required to do what ultras do. With Ken’s help D go into the Darwin Smith Street Mall at 9.30am, half an hour late but she got there! What a great effort! After chatting to the Mayor, photo’s, media interviews and a quick coffee, Deborah accompanyed by Ken and Crusty, who had turn up started running towards the caravan park some 7 kilometres out of town where the 3 of them arrived about 12.30pm. D said her goodbyes again to the boys and then once the van was set up we all had a quick power nap before D needed to be at the Physiotherapist. When we arrived at the physiotherapist he, examined D’s feet, strapped them up and we all thought that she would be okay. After the physio D and the crew went to Ken Nash and his wife Ros for a BBQ which pleased me a lot and after a great meal and great company we returned to the caravan park for some much needed rest. What a huge day!
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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