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Starting to express concerns. Day 218, 36km  (5/30/2009)


Today is the start of our 32nd week on the road and after such a big day yesterday D’s feet needed some attention to get her going this morning, therefore we had a late start to the day. D travelled about 500 metres to the local service station as the crew needed to fill up the vehicles with petrol and get me some more milk. Whilst at the service station Crusty and Karen turned up and then we met Sharon, the nurse from Katherine again. Next minute there were a lot of flashes going off in my face and I thought the paparazzi were onto me again but it was just Crusty taken some photographs. As D and the crew said goodbye to everyone again we started down the road and only manage another 500 metres when D was approached by a couple who were from Western Australia and had seen D on the road back near Townsville.  After having a chat with them and getting a generous donation we finally hit the road on our way to Darwin. By the end of the day D manage to clock up 36 kilometres which was pretty good considering her condition. We found a camp spot on the side of the road and set up camp as the sun was setting. Tonight D expressed concerns to the crew about not being able to get into Darwin on time to meet the Mayor on Monday morning at 9am. As we still have over 80 kilometres to do, D also expressed her frustration that before the accident in Elliot she would have easily cover these kilometres but due to the worsening condition of her feet she is having trouble just doing 30 kilometres in a day. All I can say is the crew and I just want to get to Darwin so we can have D’s feet looked at, as we are all concerned that it might be something serious.
Praying that it is nothing too serious
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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