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Not allowed in on a very hard day. Day 216, 23.7km  (5/28/2009)


I woke this morning to the sound of tears; it was D the pain in both her feet, coupled with the increasing time we are getting behind is really starting to wear her down.  I am really worried that my ratty run trick in Elliot has cause more damage than first thought as D confused to me this morning that her feet now hurt when she puts any load on them. The Running Pink team decided that a short day was in order and D and I would only run to Hayes Creek a roadhouse just over 20kms away. There is a caravan park there with a pool and we thought that some pool therapy would help D. As we ran along the humidity rose and it was very hot and sticky and unfortunately the countryside was hilly which didn’t help D’s feet situation. We came across a cyclist who stopped for a chat; he’d been a Collins St stockbroker in Melbourne and had decided to ride around Australia. He loved it so much he was still doing it some 15 years later, I could relate to that after 3 ½ dog years (6 months for you humans) on the road. As D hobbled into Hayes Creek in obvious pain we were told that the caravan park had a no dog policy. I couldn’t believe it, this roadhouse is in the middle of nowhere, it’s the only one for miles, we had nowhere else to go and because of me we were not accepted. I felt so sorry for D she just couldn’t go any further and we weren’t even allow to camp out the front or use the pool so we could help her feet. I was so barking mad I really felt a bite coming on but as usual D told me not to get angry and we would find somewhere to camp on the side of the road. We found out by some guys doing roadworks near Hayes Creek that there was a rest area about 20kms up the road or we could camp on an old section of the highway just up from Hayes Creek and is now used as a rubbish dump. As D was desperate to get off her feet and couldn’t image hobbling another 20 kms we had no choice but to camp on this old section of road, luckily we found a spot a little bit away from the rubbish and smell and we settled in for the night. I went to sleep as I woke up with the sound of D crying I think the pain and the lack of human kindness shown today has just worn her down. I cuddled into her to try and give her some comfort a we fell asleep.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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