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Meeting of likeminded runner and Cheapa. Day 215, 34.2km  (5/27/2009)


D and I decided to sleep in this morning so we had a late start to the day heading out at 9.30am, I think D’s feet are giving her more trouble than she is letting on as she seems to be spending more time off her feet via massages, wobbles, sleeping in and low kilometres. D’s mum has booked D in to see a physiotherapist in Darwin so we are just hobbling up the highway until then. Today D decided that she would run to Emerald Springs only about 30 plus kilometres away so it won’t be too big a day. About half way we stopped for a break near some Cathedral termite mounds and guess who’d been camping there, Cheapa! I was so excited to see my Tassie friend again that I ran head first into a 3 metre high and 2 metre wide termite mound, and I was so dazed that I saw little Cheapa flying in front of my eyes. After catching up with gossip from home and doing a photo shoot, Cheapa jumped on top of a huge termite mound and took off into the clear blue sky before long he looked like a yellow M & M and we waved goodbye to him as he disappeared. D and I were about to start running again when a chap in an army uniform came over and said hello, introduced himself as Ken Nash and said he was a runner from Darwin and wanted to know if he could run with us in Darwin, always desperate for some human company D said of course. It turned out that Ken who had himself run 100km a day from Melbourne to Adelaide for charity also knew a friend of ours Colin Ricketts who’d walked around Australia in 2005/2006 pushing a cart named Wilson (to see more visit so we had quite a long chat on the side of the road. As time was ticking away we said our goodbyes with promises to catch up in Darwin and started heading towards Emerald Springs again. Finally at dusk D hobbled and I ran into Emerald Springs where we had a warm welcome from the owners. The current owners had brought the run down roadhouse at Emerald Springs about a year ago and are developing it into a nice travelling haven on the Stuart Highway. They had a great new bar and eatery with a huge new outdoor deck area that overlooked the surrounding bushlands so the Running Pink team decided to have a well deserved cold beer and just stop and relax for a while. Whilst the Team was relaxing I met another canine called Scruff, he was great fun for a while and then he became too much fun and I had to run for cover and hide in the back of the truck, boy dogs can be a little bit boisterous for me at times. The crew thought he was cute and they had a great laugh at my expense.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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