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A lesson learnt. Day 214, 35.7km  (5/26/2009)


It was a warm start to the day and a slow one as D’s feet are still problematic but we pushed on and a short time later D’s phone rang it was Darwin ABC radio wanting an interview I was pleased to get some attention once again and for D to have something to keep her mind off her feet. The rest of the day was a long slow plod as D feet are really starting to get her down. She is now starting to have a few other leg problems as well because due to her feet problem she has changed her running gate and this has caused her right thigh muscle to lock up and is requiring a lot of massaging through the day to keep her on the road. Just between you and me I think D wants more massages so she can get off her feet as I think the pain is starting to get to her. After a long hot day we finally made it to Pine Creek and as we were approaching the caravan park I spotted a nice creek and before D could protest I jumped in. Golly it felt good after so many hot days to be immersed to your snout in water it was like being in heaven and I smiled up at D from my watery paradise. After a while she smile back and told me to get out and as there was some nice green grass by the creek I had a good roll and started to trot off to the caravan park. I can’t explain what came over me but the next thing I knew, I the very wet doggie I was started rolling around in the red dust road and when I stopped the look on D’s face was one of sheer horror as I was now wet, and muddy and when she showed me my reflection in the mirror I didn’t look like Maggie anymore. Now you can all probably guess what happened next, D got out the shampoo and the hose and for the second time in a week I was covered in bubbles and having a wash. As being washed isn’t my favourite activity I think I have learnt my lesson and the next time I am in water I will stay away from rolling in that red dirt. After my wash D and the crew were invited to meet some of the locals at the pub and she went up there and received quite a few donations. On her return to camp she had a shower and now that both of us are as clean as a whistle we settled in for a well deserved rest.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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