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May the dog force be with you. Day 213, 40km  (5/25/2009)


D and I took off just on dawn as the rest of the crew started to decamp and with her feet still troubling her. If light, D and I will often start running before the vehicles are ready to go so as not to wait around and waste time and we know they usually catch up with us within 10 – 15 minute. However this morning we were on the road for nearly an hour and there was no sign of our support crew. D started to get very worried as we had no water, no phone, nothing and the heat of the day was starting to settle in. As time passed D decided to stop by a road sign so she could identify where we’re on the road and hitch a lift back to the campus to see what was going on. Easier said than done! Would you believe that about 10 cars went pass before a ute stopped to give us assistance. The driver said I could hop in the back tray, I was so excited about this idea I just love riding in the back of a ute, the wind in your fur and the sheer joy of barking and snapping at passing vehicles but D wouldn’t let me as the guy didn’t have anything to tied me to the ute and D was scared that in my excitement I would fly off the sides. I understand her concerns but golly couldn’t she let me have this fun just once, I protested but she was firm with me and told me to get in the car cabin with her, I hopped in brooding and thinking D’s mean to me at times. As the car took off the support crew showed up and we found out that my truck didn’t want to start this morning maybe it was tired like the rest of us and wanted a wee sleep in but Glyn said that it had needed a jump start. With crew finally here we ran on a bit and stopped for breakfast, as we started running again the truck wouldn’t start again. Oh dear! We couldn’t possible have a truck that refuse to start all the time so we decided that D would run on with her folks whilst G and I drove the truck back into Katherine to try and have it fixed. So for the first time in our journey D and I parted ways as she hobbled up the road and I hopped into the truck to drive down to Katherine. Luckily on our arrival into Katherine we found an auto electrician named Cameron who found out we needed a new alternator and to our disbelief the chap in the next workshop had a 2nd hand one on his shelf that would be suitable for our truck. Isn’t that amazing to have the right part there at the right time so we could continue on, how lucky are we! After the car was fixed we got a phone call telling us that D’s new Saucony’s had arrived and where we could pick them up in Katherine on the very day we were back in town. Now some folks would call getting the right alternator when we needed it and having the shoes there at the right time coincidences but I know better than that, it’s the doggie universal force helping us with our journey. We caught up with D late afternoon with a fixed car and new shoes she was most please and smiled as she too knew that the universe was working with us today. D told us that a lady had talked with her during the day and had offered us a place where we could stay on her station just down the road so we headed in that direction and got in at dusk. What a big day but all things turned out well in the end, except for D’s feet they are still hurting her. I am going to bed praying that the doggie force and our good luck will heal her feet soon.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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