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Road side medical advice and fresh supplies. Day 212, 41.2km  (5/24/2009)


D and I took off in daylight today on our way into Katherine, as we were approaching the outskirts of Katherine a car pulled and a woman jumped out to say hello and to give us a donation and guess what? The lady introduced herself as Sharon and she was from Tassie but was living in Katherine so we spent a few moments reminiscing about home. Sharon who was a nurse and use to play a lot of sport gave D some advice about her still ailing ankle. Glyn asked her a few questions about the ankle and D’s feet as he, like me is starting to think that there may be more to D’s feet than just a sprain. She did say if it was broken that D wouldn’t be able to put the foot down and this give as a little bit of reassurance that D would be able to work through the situation. We ran on into Katherine were after 2 weeks camping out in remote areas with no shops the crew stocked up on lots of yummy fresh supplies. D loves salad, it’s her favourite food and we had run out of most salad ingredients a few days ago so she was really looking forward to fresh salad for dinner tonight. We had been invited to stay the night at the Charles Stuart University Campus about 16kms north of Katherine so D decided to hobble on too there, to help D along down the road D’s mum walked beside D a bit as she left Katherine.  Even though Sharon had given us some road side advice about D’s feet she still is hobbling along in a lot of pain and I her usual shuffle or gate has change, I am worried that the changing of her gate will cause different problems. D smiled down at me and said don’t worry Maggie I have run through problems before all will be okay, sometimes her optimums is astounding!   Even more astounding is her high level of tolerance to pain if it was me at the first sign of pain I would be on my blankie in the car resting up. When we finally got to the uni campus we had a warm welcome by not only the human population but by the local kangaroos I spent a good half an hour having a quiet bark with them. D met some friends of John and Peter who had just arrived at the uni to do a study program, after a bit of a chat, followed by a great dinner made from our fresh supplies and a shower we all settled in for the night.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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