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Leading a helping hand. Day 210, 37.5km  (5/22/2009)


We woke up this morning and had breakfast at the station, before we unfortunately said our farewells to all the wonderful people there as we really enjoyed our stay and was very grateful for their kindness and generosity. As we were running out of the station I was thinking that one of the difficulties of our journey is we get to meet such great people who you would love to stay and chat for a while but unfortunately can’t as the rules of the record means we always have to move on and on and on with no time to rest, stop, talk, or just to smell the roses not that there are any roses up here. We ran on into the morning, but D’s ankle still wasn’t what it should be, I am starting to really feel that maybe there is more to the problem then a sprained ankle as both D’s feet are hurting now. At morning tea, to help relieve the pain, she had a wobble which did make her feel a little better and helped her kept going as the km’s had to be done. I know D is starting to worry about continuously falling behind with her schedule but I and the crew keep telling her that she still has time to make it up when her feet/ankles get better.  Glyn went ahead the usual 3 kms with the van and I decided to keep D company for a while to help her keep her mind off the pain, after 3km as we were running up to the van I could see something ahead I turned to ask D “What’s that up ahead?” She said it was a broken down car. We ran up to it and met John and Peter who where brothers and John had his partner and their 2 children with them. What’s up D asked? Peter said their car had broken down and they needed to get back to Katherine, and as their mobiles had no service they wondered if we could help them out. D said her mobile is out as well and she doesn’t know what she could do. I gave her a nudge and a wink and it prompted her thoughts, “I’ve got it” she said “We can use the Telstra Satellite phone”. Yeah! It’s time like this we are very grateful to Telstra for helping us out with a satellite phone; it really is an essential thing to have in these remote areas. With the phone tuned into the satellite and ready to go D asked John who he would like to call and he said a taxi. What a request to call a taxi to come out to the middle of nowhere! I could see D’s business brain ticking over and wishing it was one of her cabs in Launceston that could do that job as it would be a very large fare. John gave D the number and she organized a taxi, to pick them up. John than gave us a donation and as we were talking he told D his medicine, meaning indigenous medicine which was known by his grandmother, and passed onto his mother, but not to him and now that both his grandmother and mother have died so had the knowledge of his peoples medicine, he was not pleased about this and it’s a great lose to his people and all people of Australia. D thought she could use some of this bush medicine to help heal her feet!!! At this stage D’s folks turned up from Katherine as they had been fundraising there today and John asked if we could take some photos of all of us together. After some happy snappy’s D and I ran on until we found an entrance to a station and pulled in there for the night. D was very sore and needed some TLC and I needed my VIP’s and milk.
Running or hobbling with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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