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Fundraising Freeway. Day 209, 42.3km  (5/21/2009)


This morning D and I had been running, well I am running and D is still is hobbling, for a while when we came upon Warlock Ponds a beautiful water way, teaming in Egrets and other waterbirds and we were lucky enough to see some Brolgas. What a magnificent sight, it truly is a different world up here then at home. As we ventured up the track a cyclist rode up to us. He was Dick from Melbourne and he is currently riding his bike from Adelaide to Darwin to raising funds to help women get bore water in Afghanistan villages. What a wonderful man and we had a great chat (For more information visit ) Wow! Is this a busy fundraising route, D and I have nicknamed the Stuart Hwy the Fundraising Freeway as there seems to be a lot of people transverse this section of road to raise moony for one cause or another, as I write this there is a man pushing a wheel barrow around Alice for prostate cancer, Dick riding for Afghanistan, another group of cyclist riding from Adelaide to Darwin for cancer and we know of our old friend Vlastik who is currently planning to ride a scooter from Darwin to Adelaide later this year for Canteen and of course there is us. After speaking to Dick we ran into Mataranka where we had lunch and kept moving as still had some kms still to do because we had been invited to stay at Mataranka Station for the night a station operated by the Charles Sturt University which was about 18 kms out of Mataranka. When we arrived at the station we were greeted by Sue and Ian and then Ian took us down to the accommodation area and showed us where we could plug in, shower etc., and then off to dinner. On speaking to Ian we learnt that the station teaches students to muster, horse handling skills and other things to become a Jack/Jillaroo. D asked if the next time she is in the area if she could go on a muster as it is on D’s life to do list. Sometimes I wonder about this list as it seems to be always increasing not decreasing as D continues to go through life. I keep reminding her that on top of her list is to become the 1st female to run around Australia so focus girl and stop daydreaming about other things! After my little pep talk to D, she and the crew went down to the station kitchen where the cook “Chook” had prepared Beef Stroganoff and rice and she gave D some roast chicken for me.  Yum and now with a full tum guess what I’m about to do, you guess it off to bed.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)
PS Just between you and me I am very worried about D and her feet she seems to be hobbling more and more.

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