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Now I know things are not good and my first snake encounter, Day 206, 23km  (5/18/2009)


With a third day in a row of low kilometres I am starting to realise the damage I have cause through the ratty ran trick in Elliot. D’s a very tough girl and she never complains so the crew is sometimes in the dark about how much pain she is in but with the three days of very low kilometres we are all starting to think that this indicates that the ankle is not good at all! My stress levels have gone through the roof. I keep worrying that through my tom foolery I have jeopardised her run. D is reassuring me every day that it will be okay reminding me that she did run up most of the east coast with a shin splint and still managed to achieve an average daily kilometre count of about 52kms. You do have to love D’s positive attitude at times but with her ankle at the moment 52 kilometres would be a miracle! Even with the low kilometres and time on the road I did manage to have a wee encounter with a local today. I had decided to stopped running and have a little break so I disappeared under the van to escape the sun whilst D hobbled on up the highway. Once under the van I could see the grass moving and sure enough something was in the grass coming towards me. I ran out from under the van as this moving thing revealed itself; it was a big long charcoal grey snake. Glyn jumped out of the van and saw what was going on. He went out onto the road to try and direct the snake away from the road so it wouldn’t get run over. The snake froze, it just sat there in the middle of the road and stared at us, Glyn couldn’t do anything about getting the snake off the road without getting to close for comfort so he came back to my side and we waited and watched. It wasn’t long before a car and caravan came down our side of the road triggering the snake into action.  It came straight for us, G ran for his life screaming “Maggie, Maggie, Maggie” over here but it was too late, the snake was coming directly towards me I just froze and he slid between my legs and off into the grass behind me. Phew that was too close for comfort and I looked up at Glyn and he was a very pale shade of grey I was still black and white but a littler greener around the gills.   After that encounter I decided it was safer on the road running with D and I ran on with her as we passed the spot where Alexander Forest had reached the overland Telegraph line from the West Australian coast in 1879. I couldn’t image running or walking out here at that time in history with no roads what an incredible feat. We knocked off at 2 pm as D had done around 23 km and drove into Larrimah for the night so D could ice her ankle.
 Running (in D’s case hobbling) with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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