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Unsung heroes and a surprise visit. Day 203, 35.3km  (5/15/2009)


We slept in again this morning arriving back at yesterday’s finish point around 7.30 am. I was worried about D’s ankle but D wanted a target for the day and that was to run back into Daly Waters, some 34 km away.  I think she just wanted to achieve a goal so she could feel good about what was going on, she managed to get to Daly Waters about 3.30pm, a great effort under the conditions she is running in. To help her score ankle I gave it a lick whilst the crew set up for the night. I tell you the crew never stop when D and I finish we tend to put our feet/paws up and rest but the crew are still at it, recording the daily kilometres, fixing up camp with power etc, cooking, washing and other duties. D and I are very grateful everyday for the unconditional love that our crew give us on this journey around Australia we could never do it without them and they are the unsung heroes of this trip. So everybody three cheers for the Running Pink Crew Hip hooray, hip hooray, and hip hooray.   D and the crew went out to dinner to fundraise again; I had some VIP’s and milk and nodded off for a snooze. About 10 pm I was woken by Glyn saying “Maggie we’ve got a surprise for you, come with me”. He took me to the Daly Waters pub where I meet all the staff and the owners and then there was a commotion in the entertainment room and we all ran through to see what was going on and guess what there was Cheapa up on stage doing the chicken dance along with the audience. There were a few feathers around the place so I reckon he’d been at it for a while, so I went over to him and suggested it might be time for bed. As Cheapa and I went off to bed I had a little chat to him, I told him how glad I was to see him on this surprise visit and how I had been feeling a little low due to D’s ankles being my fault, not that she even blames me. Cheapa put his big yellow arms around me and said “Don’t worry Maggie it will all be okay”. Just what I need to hear isn’t great to have big yellow friends.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greetings (D.O.G.)

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