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Generous start and hard day. Day 202, 21.2km  (5/14/2009)


Another dark start as we had to drive back 5 km to the knock off point from yesterday. We got back to Dunmarra and Tony said “fill up it’s on me”. What a great help this is, as it gets us another leg down the road, another step towards our target. Thank you, Tony was so impressed by D and my efforts that he wrote us a poem it brought tears to D’s eyes.   Not far past the roadhouse we decided to have breakfast and D would have a massage/wobble to relax her legs, whilst breakfast was being cooked. At 10 km D had a full massage and still her ankles were playing up. By the 21.2km mark the crew insisted D get off the road, she had made the minimum requirement for the world record and needed to rest. We GPS the spot marked the road and drove into Daly Waters Pub and Caravan Park and were shouted out to dinner by the generous owners and we even managed to do some fundraising at the same time. This cheered D up somewhat as she is feeling down due to the low kilometres but I tried to tell her that she needs to rest as the most important thing is to finish and if she pushes too hard now that goal will not be achieved. I know D knows this but it still doesn’t make the situation any better. We are all hoping that the lower kilometres coupled with more rest time will improve the ankles quicker.
Keeping all paws crossed and legs too.
Maggie, Director of Greetings (D.O.G.)
PS A wobble is a light massage used on ultra marathoner it involves a wobbling of the muscles to relax them.

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