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A small world and a poem. Day 201, 35.4km  (5/13/2009)


D and I got off to a late start again 7.30am because we had all agreed that D would only do the minimum or what she could over the 20 km/per day she decided she would utilize this rest time to also catch up on some sleep, hence the late start. I tell you I’m not complaining either we had been pushing for months on end with 4.30am starts and running sometimes till 7pm so I am very happy to get some extra shut eye. As I watched D shuffle up to the pink convoy for breakfast her ankle problem become very obvious I could tell by the look on her face and the way she was gingerly stepping that the situation wasn’t good but typical D if asked how she was going she would smile and reply “Terrific” talk about positive thinking. After breakfast we ran onto the overland Telegraph Monument and stopped for some refreshers, whilst we were stopped a couple from Tassie stopped and gave a donation and then another couple from Tassie stopped to say hello. Could you believe it they lived in the same street as Vlastk Skrvail whom D ran around Tassie within in 2007 to raise money for Camp Quality. I remember this run as it was only 7 weeks after D cancer treatment and we were all so worried about her but she made it, probably through the help of her friend Vlastik and me of course. After meeting Vlastik’s Tassie neighbours I did think it was amazing how small the world is sometimes. If it is a small world how come it’s taking D so long to run around Australia? I just don’t know the answer to that question however I do know if you “think big” in a small world things will happen, trust me. Look at our lovely pink Regent homes away from homes. We “thought big” and everybody spots us, waves and toots. “Think Big” is the way to go.  Guess what; the crew have been thinking big, they wrote me a poem, isn’t that sweet. Hang on a moment and I will recite it to you.
Shaggy, baggy Maggie Moo,
Black and white and true blue,
Her big brown eyes with her joyous smile,
Up lifts ones spirit, that emotional mile.
The white line is her guide in life,
It keeps her out of trouble and strife,
A valiant fighter for the cause
She does those k’s on all 4 paws
Shaggy, baggy Maggie Moo
We could not do this without you.
Well, at least I’m appreciated, sometimes! After our poetry recital D and I ran on for a little while until D just couldn’t go any further. She stopped about 5 kms from Dunmarra Roadhouse so we decided to GPS the spot and mark the road and drive forward to the Roadhouse to get water, power up and have a shower. On our arrival we had got an enthusiastic welcome from Tony the guy that runs the place, they had a pool at the roadhouse so D hopped in and did some water walking in the hope to help her ankles after a shower, massage and dinner it was time for bed.
I went to sleep reciting Shaggy Baggy Maggie Moo, Mmm, I kind of like that, till tomorrow M
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greetings (D.O.G.)

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