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Two marks. -Day 200, 38km  (5/12/2009)


We took off this morning at a much slower pace as D tentatively tried to run on her ankle, I could see she was struggling but even so there was a kind of excitement in the air. Today at 11.2km from yesterday’s finishing point we would be crossing reach our 10,000km the half way point in total distance for our run. After about 7 kms of running both caravans went forward to the “special” spot whilst D and I kept running, at 7.21am we reach a major goal in our journey the 10,000 mark and funny enough we reached it on day 200, so we reach two special marks today. We had a yummy celebratory breakfast, I had VIP max and real milk, very special indeed, as I love my max with real milk but it is hard to get out here so I was very spoilt. I knew that by giving me real milk D was saying to me that she still loves me and that she forgives me for my antic yesterday. Unfortunately after breakfast the bad news hit as we moved on and realized D’s ankle was quite serious and that we would have to pull up early to rest it. D did manage to push on to about the 34 km mark but by then she was nearly in tears with the pain and we realized we would need to get her off the road ASAP. We were told there was a truck pull over stop about 1 km up the road by a driver, D said she could manage that distance and D’s mum volunteered to walk with D until she reached the stop unfortunately when we arrived at this truck pull over stop it was about 4kms instead of 1km. I tell you driver’s ideas of kilometres are very different to runner’s kilometres. By the time D and her mum arrive at the stop they both looked exhausted D put her feet up and the whole team sat down to discuss the situation with D’s ankle. We all realized that D couldn’t make the kilometres of over 60kms a day to reach Darwin in time and further more if she didn’t rest the ankle she wouldn’t finish the run at all. The decision was make that we are now throwing the schedule out the window and D will do the minimum kilometres require to maintain the world record that’s’ 20kms per day until the ankle improves. So we are now on new territory, running with no schedule and we really don’t know when we will be where, I know that D finds this decision hard and really hates to disappoint all the people who have organized events up to Darwin but I guess the main objective is she needs to finish the run so she can help all the women and their families’, friends and loved ones who are effect by breast cancer.
Pray that her ankle is better soon
Maggie, Director of Greetings (D.O.G.)

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