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It´s all my fault. Day 199, 50km  (5/11/2009)


I can’t believe what has happened! It’s all my fault all I can say in my defence is that all these early morning starts coupled with the full moon must have made me feel a little moon struck. Ya know; what they say happens on a full moon but I am getting a head of myself I need to tell you what has happened. This morning we were running towards the township of Elliot and about 5 km out of town two police cars turned up, luckily they had not come to arrest us but to escort us into town. One police car went in front of us and the other behind us and we started to run on into Elliot. I was so excited by all the attention and already being moonstruck I went into my ratty run trick, don’t ask me why I did it and oh how I wish now that I hadn’t.   I am so upset I just don’t know if I can continue with my story, how can I tell you all what I have done? How can I explain my actions?  When there is no explanation for my foolishness.  There I was running along with this fabulous police escort getting all the attention and then not quite knowing what I was doing I ran in front of D tripping her as I went and D fell. But the damage was done she twisted her ankle in doing so. She didn’t say anything at the time as she was committed to meeting councillor members of Elliot and the CEO of Elliot along with an Aboriginal women’s group. After some greetings and donations given to us we thanked everyone for their support and continued our journey north. We had only run 2 km when D pulled over her ankle was really giving her trouble, she needed to rest it. We had lunch and then D went back on the road. D pushed on for another 25kms even though her ankle was very sore and we set up camp at Newcastle Waters turnoff. I came over to D where she was sitting with her feet elevated and iced to say I was sorry for my actions, she gave me a cuddle and smiled sadly saying it will be okay Maggie. I really didn’t feel very comforted by the sad expression on her face so I thought it was best to make myself scarce and go to bed. I am now crossing my paws that my silliness hasn’t caused too much damage. I think it will be the last time I ever use the ratty run trick again.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greetings (D.O.G.)

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