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A giant Frisbee and left behind. Day 198, 67.3km  (5/10/2009)


D and I started today with the sunrise on the horizon and a full moon setting on the other, what a wondrous sight something you really don’t see often at home. The landscape was undulating gradually up and up and up. About mid morning we came around a bend and unexpectedly there were D’s mum and dad, they weren’t meant to here as they were supposed to be at the morning tea mark. D said “what’s up?” They explained: a truck had passed them way too close and the force created by the speed of the road train had broke the straps and had blown the fundraising table off the top of the roof and they were trying to find it. We all searched in vain, as we couldn’t find the table anywhere, I think that the wind created by these road trains is so strong the table would have acted like a giant Frisbee and would have been blown a long way into the bush.   These road trains create so much force that sometimes when they pass too close to D and I even though we are running forward we are blown a couple of steps backward, at this moment we look as if we are running whilst standing still in mid air. A strange sight indeed. After this fruitless search I was feeling a little weary so I decided to retire from the road for a while, a few stops up the road I thought I’d run back and greet D as she came in for a drink. We ran with D for a few hundred meters whilst she had her drink, then I ran back to the truck, when I got back I was very hot and decided to have a little nap under the caravan in the shade. The next minute, I awoke to the sound of the truck starting up; sure that Glyn would call me to get into the truck I stayed still savouring the cool shade but the next moment the truck and caravan drove off without me. Oh my, oh my, what was I to do? How had Glyn forgotten me? Me! The star of the show!  I looked around quickly and far off in the distance I could just see my D on the road. I decided that my best bet was to head for her, so off I took. I ran and ran and ran as fast as my legs would take me, I was so scared that I wouldn’t make as it was such a long way and it was so hot. To help me reach D I kept repeating to myself, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” and finally I caught up to her but I was fagged out, so I plopped in the shade for a rest. D sat down beside me and gave me a huge cuddle, apologized that Glyn had forgotten me and reassured me that I was loved. We sat there a long time I was just too tired to move and really wanted a drink but D just didn’t have any water on her so when a man stopped to see if we were okay I felt like saying to him “Do I look okay to you?” D asked the man if he could give me some water, which he kindly did, I gave him a lick in appreciation and soon we were running towards the truck and caravan. When we arrived I was a little dark on Glyn for what he had done but I soon forgave him when he gave me a pat and said sorry but I think D wasn’t as forgiving, at least for a little while. We came into camp tonight as the moon was rising, a beautiful big orange ball ascending from the horizon lighting the night landscape, it made me feel peaceful after such a stressful day.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greetings (D.O.G.)

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