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A morning speech and support from all sides. Day 197, 68.2km  (5/9/2009)


Another early dark start to the day and D and I did about 10 km before we stopped for breakfast. We were sitting and eating breakfast when we heard a vehicle pull up, it was a very large Contiki tour bus. They’d been looking for us on the road as the wonderful lady at Three Ways Roadhouse had told them about us, so they pulled over to say hello. Talk about the bush telegraph! The fantastic lady at Three Ways has been promoting our cause and telling everyone she talks to that we are on the road and to stop and say hello to us so now every day we are getting toots, waves and donations because of this great promoter of our cause.   As D never misses an opportunity to do some impromptu fundraising she got onto the bus with me in tow grabbed the microphone and gave a little talk about what we were doing and then asked the very captive audience if they would like to buy one of our wristbands. As they say the secret to success is ask, ask, ask, ask, ask, would you believe nearly everyone on the bus either brought a band or gave us a donation. This put a huge smile on D’s face; I’ll say it was a very successful morning of fundraising in the middle of nowhere. After a few photo’s we wished each other well and the bus and us continued on our way. A little further down the track a truck spotted D and I and put on all his flashing lights and tooted his horn repeatedly plus gave a donation, I’m starting to think that bush telegraph is better than the internet. We kept on running, a good day for it, tail wind, light cloud cover with blue skies and not too hot. A little further on another couple pulled up – guess what, they were from Launceston and had stayed the night at Three Ways so they also were looking for us on the road; we had a chat about home, I got a little home sick so to cheer me up they gave me a donation for our cause and then they were on their way. After a long day we arrived in Renner Springs, where we were staying the night, on our arrival the girl behind the bar told us that the lady at Three Ways had already sold all 50 of our wristbands and wanted more and if we left them here they would get a truck to get them to Three Ways and we wouldn’t have to post them, that bush telegraph sure is a great thing, it may be remote out here but communications is better and quicker than in the city. Furthermore the dedication and support of everyone we have meet in the Northern Territory for what we are doing has surprised us all and we are very grateful to everyone. As all who have followed our journey so far, knows that D has a dream and that dream is to raise $300,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation whilst running around Australia. D is a strong believer of the power of visualization to help achieve a goal, D says if you see yourself achieving the goal, believe and know that you can achieve it and then take action with passion you will achieve it. After such a good day fundraising when we thought we wouldn’t get anything D decided to really concrete her dream of raising $300,000 for the NBCF by already writing out the cheque for this amount with the date of our arrival home on it. The idea of writing the cheque is it is now a reality in D’s mind and the cheque is in a place where she can see it every day and visualize giving this very cheque to the NBCF on our arrive into Hobart on the 24th of October. D and I believe if we keep putting my foot and one paw in front of another we will inspire enough people to help us achieve our dream. Writing the cheque is just an added incentive. But we do need your help Australia, spread the word, tell everyone you know what we are doing and get them to donate! At Renner Springs we met two cyclists, one of whom was cycling around Australia, and had left Melbourne on the 25th January and has been trying to catch up with D and me ever since, he had finally caught up with us some 7000km since Melbourne there was a lot to talk about. Time came to eat and sleep finished any conversation especially for me as it was a huge day of kilometres, talking and fundraising so I went off to bed.  D and I were well asleep when suddenly my ears detected something outside my pink Regent, home away from home, I let out a growl which woke D, she got up and looked out the window and there were two brash cows outside. Phew, nothing too serious, back off to sleep. Night all.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greetings (D.O.G.)

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