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Flies, flies and more flies. Day 195, 44.2km  (5/7/2009)


A late night for D last night, so it was a slow start to the day, as she was a little tired. D decided she would head for Three Ways Roadhouse and then decide from there whether she would run on or stay at Three Ways for the night. One of the biggest hazards on the road are the flies, in all my doggie years I have never seen so many flies, they live on you all day, crawling on my nose and into my eyes and dance along my eyelashes and I carry them all day on my back. It’s the same for D these free loads, hick a ride on D’s cap and on her back as well. The worst thing is these flies are not content to just sit there on the outside of you; they tend to want to do some internal investigation as well. If you joined us on the road you would often hear D or I hawking up the remains of a fly that has either kamikazed up your nose and down the back of your throat or just decided to take the quick option of straight up in your mouth. Truly one of the real joys of being on the road. Sometimes the flies get the better of me and that’s when I hop into the car, tell Glyn to wind up the windows and put the air conditioning on. Today was a total fly day they were out thick and furious as we ran towards Three Ways junction, on our arrival there I got a little bit confused as I could go 3 different ways, which way would I go?  I looked up at D with an inquiring look and D knew exactly what I was thinking, she said “North Maggie, we are heading north”. I started off excited to be heading in a new direction but we only went north for about 500m and then D said “right Maggie” she had decided to head into the caravan park for the night. The people at Three Ways Roadhouse & Caravan Park gave us a warm welcome and were very supportive of our quest. They took a donation bucket and some pens and wristbands to sell for us to help with the fund raising. Thank you! We set up camp for the night and D finally got her shower, which was about time even I didn’t want to be near her after two days of running. After D was clean she sat down with me and gave me a big brush as I’d become a little dusty out here on the road. Being brushed made me a little drowsy so after some VIP’s and milk my fate was sealed I am off to bed.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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