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A better day and an evening out. Day 194, 62.4km  (5/6/2009)


We started today under an almost full moon and it was immediately apparent that yesterday’s low kilometre rest day had paid dividends. Whilst D was a little sore the lock up in her legs appears to have dissipated but more importantly her mental attitude was back on track and we both ran to breakfast with big smiles on our faces. After breakfast and once I was confident D was okay I decided to leave her to run the day out at her own pace and by 5pm she had accomplished and good distance of over 62 kms, I could see that she would have liked to run further but we had a fundraising dinner to attend to at Tennant Creek which the local Rotarian club had organized. When we arrived at camp the crew where all dressed in their official Running Pink Polo shirts and very keen to get to the function, D had just enough time to change her shirt and spray some perfume on her in the attempt to be “clean” for the dinner, as there was no time left for a shower.  I do pity the person who will be sitting next to D tonight, I told her to keep her arms down and hopefully no one will notice her lack of hygiene, sometimes on this trip there is just not enough time for everything, so one does have to compromise. I said good bye to D and the crew as I wanted to stay behind and get some good quality alone time in whilst all were away. After a few hours D and the crew returned saying that it was a great night and the people of the Rotary Club in Tennant Creek were a generous group of people who were fun to meet and it was uplifting to learn and discover some of their life’s experiences. I think an evening out of the confines of the daily route has done the crew and D a world of good and D always love to attend fundraising events as that is what she is doing this for, to raise money for the NBCF.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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