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A break down in body and spirit. Day 193, 26.3km  (5/5/2009)


This morning was the second morning in a row D slept in and I knew from this action that something was up.  As we took our first steps together I could see that D’s legs were not happy travellers and by breakfast time she was already on the bed for a massage. She ran on for another hour but her legs locked up again and again and by the 20 kilometre mark she was yet again on the bed for a massage. As most of you are aware to run day after day after day it’s not just about physical toughness it’s about mental toughness. To quote my D “To be a success in life, to pursue a dream or to follow your passion you don’t need special skills or physical abilities all you need is to believe and know that you can achieve it.” D’s tough both physically and mentally but even she can have a bad day and loose faith and I could see today she was struggling mentally and using the excuse of the physical to get the better of her. At the 26km mark D’s mum stepped in and for the second time in two days pulled a struggling D off the road.  All us girls sat down for a chat and D just cried and said that she feels a large amount of pressure, pressure to get the kilometres, pressure to get back on track, pressure to be always somewhere on time, pressure to do well for all involved and finally pressure from herself to achieve what she said she would do. Now there is a law in the doggie and human universe called the Law of Attraction; simply explained it means what you think about so shall it be.  D knows about this law and she also knows that if she thinks negative thoughts, negative things will happen so she knows she needs to be real careful about what she thinks about. D is very good at thinking the right thoughts to get her through the journey but just sometimes, the physical pain and exhaustion of the run takes its toll on D and she lets bad thoughts and feelings get in. Today was one of those days and on these days it’s just best to get off the road do something different, i.e. watch a happy DVD laugh and relax and then start of the right foot tomorrow.   With the early finish today, this meant we had to restructure the schedule as we have fallen behind with the kilometres and days so after dinner with D fed and rested out came the calculator and the map and the crew, D and I sat down and worked out a new strategy to get us to Darwin. This rearrangement of kilometres and some rest has put a smile on D’s face so I’m off to bed now happy knowing that we all start new tomorrow.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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