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Monotonous landscape and generous hearts. Day 189, 51.2km  (5/1/2009)


D and I started the day in the dark with the moon in its 1st quarter. We ran through a beautiful sunrise with its range of intense colours. It’s Mayday today the beginning of a new month, 6 calendar months behind and 6 calendar months ahead. As the dawn broke to mid morning we saw ourselves yet again running through grassy plains that stretch forever ahead of us. As the landscape was never changing one couldn’t rely on one’s surrounds for mental stimulus so as I ran along I had to get into my own head space to keep me moving forward. D often uses her I-pod to keep her going at times like this and as you know I often listen to her tunes along with her but today D wasn’t in an I-pod mood, so I asked what she thinks about out here in this monotonous landscape. She told me that she sometimes on the road she reviews her favourite movies in her head, or goes over her speeches that she will need to deliver in the future, or dreams about the things she will be doing next in life and on other occasions she redesigns the house at home.  I asked if she could make sure that my blankly got a nice spot by the fire in her new imaged renovations, she smiled as usual to my foolishness and said it is already done.   D’s a big supporter of following your dreams and believes that if you think you can you can and if you think you can’t you can’t. I do worry a little that with all this “thinking” time where we D’s dreams go to next? I guess I will just wait and see. As we run up to D’s folks van for lunch D’s dad, Owen said we have been talking to the people from the local cattle station, Soudan and they asked us to stay overnight. D and I got to Soudan station around 5.30 pm. D was a little concerned as she was about 15 k under her target for the day. The offer of a hot shower and a meal quickly changed her mind. Since I have been having fantasies about being a cattle dog I through I would talked to the station manager Jay and his wife Anna about life on a cattle station. The Soudan station had been in the family for over 100 years never changed hands and would you believe it the family were from Tasmania! Soudan is one of the largest stations in Australia; running thousands of head of cattle.  During mustering times the cattle dogs have to get up around 4.30am, the same as me, but unlike me after breakfast they don’t get to sit in the air conditioned car if they are feeling tired, they have to run in the dust and heat all day and worst yet they have to spent the day dodging thousand of running cattle legs or they would get trodden on. My fantasies of being a cattle dog died there, I much rather be an ultra marathon dog like myself, dodging the odd road train just doesn’t seem as hazardous as all that running, stampeding cattle and at least I get to rest a lot.  Like most of the top end of Australia Soudan had been hit by the floods and the Barkly Highway was washed out only about 1 km from the station house, luckily for us the road was all repaired. Around 6.30pm the bell was rung for dinner and we all went to the mess hall to eat. Guess what was for dinner? Steak, steak and more steak, when we were all steaked out it was time to for la la land. Before retiring for the night the generous people of Soudan gave us steak to take with us, water in our tanks, diesel for our cars and a drink from their bar we were all happy and very grateful for the support and are now all off to bed with smiles on our faces, always a great way to go to sleep.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G)

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