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Goodbye QLD, hello NT! Day 188, 69.7km  (4/30/2009)


As D and I left this morning on our way to the Northern Territory border, I had mixed emotion. I was a little excited to be finally going to the legendary Australia outback state of Northern Territory, I ran along with wild fantasy’s of become a cattle dog roaming the red dust plains but then D informed me that there is nothing out here only 1 roadhouse before the next town of Tennant Creek some 450 kilometres away and I got a little scared. How do I get my VIP’s out here? There are no shops? I turned to D with a worried look on my face but she reached down and gave me a reassuring pat and stated that we have enough VIP’s to get me all around Australia. I felt much better with this knowledge and happily ran on to the border. We arrived at the border by mid morning and guess what Cheapa was there to meet us. Gee he really gets around, I don’t know how he does it, after all he is pretty cheap our Cheapa. It was great to see Cheapa as we celebrated running through yet another state of Australia when I crossed the border I realised that we have now officially completed the east coast of Australia and the next time we enter an east coast state, that being Victoria we will be reaching the end of our journey and be nearly home. But that is a long way away.   We said our goodbyes to Cheapa and ran on across the flat grass plains, boy there is nothing out here! As far as the eye can see there is just maples yellow grass with only an odd bit of scrub, not even a cow and this is supposed to be cattle country!  Not seeing a cow sure did destroy my mornings cattle dog fantasies. We had arranged to meet the Police at the Avon Downs Police Station, this is a Police Station in the middle of nowhere, so we ran hard and finally got there, a little late, and in the dark to a warm welcome from Cameron and his family. The station gave us money which they raise through their driver revive program at the station to go towards our cause. A big thank to them. Luckily there’s a Roadside stop opposite the Police Station, so we had not too far to go to settle for the night and Cameron let D have a shower at the Police station which was very welcome after another big km day on the road.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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