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9000 km mark hug. Day 184, 63.9km (4/26/2009)


Today are destination is Mt Isa and D and I take off into a very hilly landscape knowing we have an appointment to meet the Mayor at 5.30 pm, so it would be a steady run all day to make it on time. After some quite tough hill running D and I were about 3 kms from the IGA when the Mayor of Mt Isa came out to greet us. He got out of his car, said “Welcome to my town, The Isa” and threw his arms around D with a big hug. D was grinning from ear to ear and later said to me “That’s my kind of greeting”. The best thing about the mayor coming out at that particular time is he arrived at D’s 9000 kilometre mark, so she felt she got a hug as a welcome and a bonus hug for the milestone of the kilometres. After all this hugging D and I ran on to the IGA and arrived just on time where the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, a group of breast cancer survivors and Miss Rodeo who is raising funds for breast cancer all clapped and cheered us in. I will say it is great to see Miss Rodeo a very young women getting behind such a deserving cause and contributing back to society at her age. If the future of our country is in the hands of this young woman and others like her I feel happy in that knowledge that compassion for others through philanthropy will continue. After are greetings the crew, D and I then went to the Argylla Caravan Park where we met up with Barry and Jean, fabulous people whom we had met at the Marlborough Caravan Park, which they were managing at the time and had since moved to Mt Isa. It was good to see them again. This park was a little bigger than the last one and they had a couple of golf buggies, so D took me on a royal tour of the park and I gave the entire caravan park guests a royal wave as we passed them by, it is not bad being a princess at times. I really liked the golf buggy and suggested to D that instead of running around Australia let’s pinch one of these buggies instead and finish our trip in the style I think my Princess’ status deserves. As usually she smiled at me in that way that said “Dream on Maggie” but I did see a gleam in her eye, maybe I have planted a new adventure in her mind for the both of us.
Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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