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A new kilometre distance Day 179, 75.2km (4/21/2009)

By the time the sun rose this morning we had run about 5k when at this stage we had a friend join us on the road. We were running parallel to the railway line and on the railway line a Kangaroo was hopping along with us in the dawn light. He must have been doing his morning jog and thought he would join us for a while.  Our kangaroo friend left us as we approached the pink caravan convoy for our breakfast. After breakfast we took off and ran towards our lunchtime stop as D’s folks were with us all day today we all got to have lunch together which is nice. After lunch the crew pulled into a roadside stop as our truck had a broken headlight and the mechanic in Richmond had given us a replacement but the boys had to replace it.  D had run on whilst this was being done and left me in charge of the job, after dropping lots of screws and bolts the boys had it fixed and we could all get moving again and catch up to D who needed water after being out there for an hour on her own. When we caught up to D she decided that she wanted afternoon tea and we all had some fantastic banana cake that D’s mum had made for us, yum! D’s folks then went on ahead to try and found a gravel pit or somewhere to stay on the side of the road. Unfortunately this seemed an impossible task and at the 71km mark there was still no sign of anywhere to pull off. On we ran into the dark....72km, 73km, 74km and still no place to pull over, we were starting to think that we would have to camp right on the road when miracles just up a head we saw some roadwork’s machinery on the side of the road, could this be a place? At 75.2km there was a small gravel area, where the machines were parked with just enough space for us to camp the night. What a relief and a new run kilometre record of 75.2kms D just seems to kept going even with the pain she is in, she just surprises me every day the dedication she has to the run and the people she is trying to help. It’s been a very long day so it is time to do a bit of black and white dreaming I think

Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greetings (D.O.G.)

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