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Potential dinosaur food. Day 178, 60.8km (4/20/2009)

We had a dark start today to try and beat the heat as we knew it was going to be a very hot day. D and I were running in front of the vehicles which were following us with their lights on and their warning lights click, click, clicking. As the day break came upon us, so did the heat, D’s folks went on ahead to prepare breakfast,   mmm, I wonder what I’ll get this morning. There is always a possibility that I’ll be able muzzle in on D’s folk’s dogs breakfast before anyone notices, the trouble is their small spoilt dogs, so they eat that French sort of food. I don’t think it’s good for my digestive system, not like my VIP Max. After breakfast we ran onto Richmond, D seems to be moving a little better after her rest day even though the temperature was up around 40 degrees, so I decided to get into the air conditioned car for a while and have a wee break from the searing heat. Did you know that the area around Richmond was once a part of an inland sea, 100 million years ago and therefore has dinosaur fossils dating back to this time? Talking of fossils that old fossil Cheapa meet up with us again. He must have felt at home, properly had relatives here. I know he has a very long lineage as I do; the difference is that Cheapa’s is yellow and of the bird variety whilst mine is black and white and from canine stock. Cheapa and I did a photo shoot with D in front of a statue of a Kronosaurus, D and I sat in its mouth and I was very grateful that it wasn’t real as I image that free range dog and lean human followed by a chick nugget would have made a very good meal for this mighty beast. D and I then said goodbye to Cheapa and left Richmond as we still had k’s to do. Would you believe we left Richmond about 4pm and the heat was still on us! One benefit I found in D doing this run is that on hot days she tends to perspire quite a bit. Mmmm! My personal salt block without being political I think that her right thigh is tastier than the left. The left leans towards a soya sauce flavour; whilst the right is more your good old fashioned rock salt flavour. D’s pins are nice and smooth so this salt block is pretty good. D’s wings are pretty tasty too, all round it’s pretty good but when there is that little addition of dust and sun block it’s sensational! Something to look forward to on a hot afternoon. We found a nice asphalt gravel pit about 15kms down the road from Richmond and after a good lick of D’s leg I settled in for the night. 

Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greetings (D.O.G.)

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