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Lazy Sunday, Day 177, 32.1km (4/19/2009)

We left Dunluce around 7.30 am, a late start, D had, had a few big days and thought it’s time to have a bit of a sleep in and maybe a bit of a rest day as she is really struggling through the days with the high kilometres and the pain in her hips cause from the falls last week. We knew there was a roadside stop about 30 km away so we headed for that.  Before we headed out onto the highway D taught me a new trick to jump over the cattle grids that dot the road and are at the entrance to every station. It was great fun jumping over the grid as I feel a little unsteady when I walk over them so now I have a quick and easy option. Check out the photo of me taken my first leap over a grid. We run off down the road and got to the rest area called marathon, very appropriate, at about 3pm and had a late lunch. As we had some time to settle in and relax, D gave me a large bone full of marrow to chew on for a while, yum! D was giving a message on the rest area concrete table where she fell asleep for a while and the rest of the crew washed the caravans, whilst I also took a nap on the cool concrete floor of the rotunda guarding my D from harm. Soon after the generators were started and the air con went on in the caravan, I always know my place so I was pretty soon into the cool of the indoors for a VIP liver brownie afternoon tea snack. After the sunset the Maremma in me awoke, I could sense the presence of something odd out there on the plain and I was determined to scare it off with my vicious bark, as opposed to my friendly bark and it worked. With my D safe from strange dogs I could go to bed in peace. As I cuddle up on my blankie my thoughts are on D I am hoping the short day and the rest will do her some good the only trouble is we are now 2 days behind schedule and with very high kilometres in front of us it’s really going to be tough to slowly get those days back but I know D has it in her and we still have a long way to go so it’s best to try and get her in top shape again so we can continue in good health and spirits.

Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greetings (D.O.G.)

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