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A warm welcome twice and an appeal for help. Day 176, 64km (4/18/2009)

Today we started week 26 of our journey around Australia and we were blessed with more clear skies and more flat plains as we ran towards Hughenden only 34kms away. D’s folks were fundraising outside the local supermarket, Westcott 5 Star and we are expected to be there at 11am for an official fundraising event. I’m hoping that as it is a Saturday morning this means a sausage sizzle may be in the cards when we arrive. I watched my D as she struggled through the first 24 kms of our day, with only 10 kilometres to Hughenden D pulled up a little lame to her drink stop. I could see she was having a hard time out there and her legs were giving her a lot of trouble so I suggested that a quick massage might loosen up the body and get her at least to Hughenden in time. So after a quick rub down with some wheatgrass balm she managed to run the last 10kms in time to be greeted by the local community of Hughenden and would you believe it a sausage sizzle!  Yum for the tum! The sausages were the best I have tasted on this journey the local butcher had made and donated them, I tell you if you are ever in Hughenden get some of these sausages; they might just be the best in Australia! After having a sausage (or two) D and I met the Deputy Mayor who managed to rustle up some bread for us as well. What a very generous township, Hughenden turned out to be and the experience eclipsed are Torrens Creek mishap.  The people of Hughenden know how to look after strangers and did take great care of us. Thank you all!!! Drew the owner of the local supermarket even organized to deliver some water for us on the road in the next few days. Water has become a very important issue for us, as unfortunately our water sponsors has decided that we can have all the water we want but only if we pick up the water from their factory in the Sunshine Coast, a little impossible due to the fact we are some 2500kms away from there! You see the sponsor have decided to stop delivering the water to us on the road, something they had been doing up until now! They have suggests that we can pay for the freight but as you know we are on a very strict budget due to the run being self funded so the cost is out of our reach and now we have to somehow pay for water as well. This turn of events have really dampened D’s spirits as she believes she has done everything in her capacity to promote all sponsors in a professional manner.   Drew’s kindness and generous gift to get us water has helped D through this sad turn of events.  I am appealing to anyone out there who could help us with our water situation, either supply us with water or somehow manage to get the water from the sunshine coast to our scheduled next water drop which is Darwin, if so could you please contact D or me via email through the website. Thank you.  After Hughenden D wanted to try and get some more kms in and as we had been invited to stay on a station called Dunluce, about 37 km from the town we decided to make that our nightly target. We arrive at the station on dusk and the crew, D and I were given a very warm welcome by Anne the owner who provide the crew and D with a shower, power and a wonderful evening of lamb, salad and great conversation. I had to lay low as they had special guard dogs on their property and they did not want me upsetting them. These dogs are a special breed called Maremma‘s and they guard the sheep and cattle against predators, mainly dingos. I think D and I should get one of these dogs to guard us against the paparazzi! See what we dogs do for your humans, no wonder we’re your best friends.

Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greetings (D.O.G.)

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