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Kicked out of town. Day 174, 54.6km  (4/16/2009)

Again misty mornings start as we headed further west, as we were running we came to a cattle tick declared area, I was a bit concerned as D say’s ticks are not good for me and that she’ll be pretty ticked off if I was to get one on me. I should be okay as I never go anywhere without my tick inspector, that’s my D! Well folks we are now officially in the outback as there is a big sign on the side of the road declaring that we are entering outback Queensland and heading into the Eyre Basin. Check out the photo and D in a weird kind of racing day hat! Where the heck did she get that from? Oh well I guess out here it’s not about fashion, it’s about trying your hardest to keep cool and if the hat fits (so to speak) wear it! D and I were running along the Flinders Hwy and suddenly a car swerved in front of us, D slipped in the gravel and fell on her hip right down a gravel embankment.  A second fall in the same amount of days! The irony of this fall is the people swerved in front of us to give us a donation, the lady in the car nearly got run over by a road train jumping out of the car to help D up. D managed to hobble to the van but she was in a lot of pain and doing the required kilometres for the day was now out of the question, as Torrens Creek wasn’t very far we decided to go there a stay the night. Unfortunately when the crew vans go to Torrens Creek the caravan park was very expensive, and as we are self funding the trip it was way out of our weekly budget range so we decided to camp in a side street away from the road train traffic. I had managed to get D to the vans; she was very sore and bruised but very happy to be ending her day. As we were all setting up for the night a man came over and quite aggressively told us that we weren’t welcome in this town and that we should move on. D tried to explain what we were doing and that she had a fall and couldn’t really go any further but the man just told us that we had to leave town, I felt a bark and even a bite coming on but in my dog wisdom I realized it’s always better to nice rather than nasty. As the sun was setting D hobbled out of Torrens Creek and went another 2 kms where the crew had set up camp for the night. When D arrive I was still quite angry at the people of Torrens Creek and out treatment but D in her wisdom said to me that the lesson we learnt today was that one should always be kind, especially to strangers, as now we know what it is like when people are not kind to others. True wisdom there.

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Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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