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Wave goodbye to the east coast. Day 161, 54.7km  (4/3/2009)

Today we started the next leg of our journey; we turned inland up the Mossman Hill, it was a very long climb, 8km steep climb to the top but when we arrived at the lookout we had a pleasant surprise my good mate Cheapa was there. He’d come to help us say goodbye to the Pacific Ocean, the next ocean we will see is the Indian Ocean at Broome over 4000 kms away.  Even though it was sad to say goodbye to the east coast I am quite excited to start our next leg of our journey around Australia. D said we are now about to start the mental tough bit as the road ahead is long and deserted, with high daily kilometres to travel as we spend the next 4 months in the outback of Australia running, running, running. D told me to get use to no paparazzi, no attention, hardly any people and long stretches of nothingness. We camped on the side of the road in a truck stop somewhere between Mt Molley and Mareeba, once I had sniffed the joint out and made sure D was safe, I think I will rest up for the night as the road ahead sounds tough. 

Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)
PS D and I would like to thank, Harold Bull, Colonel Hamilton and his army garrison who raised over $2611 for our cause. We received a phone call today from Harold, Lia’s (who run with us out of Townsville), husband who had organized a gate collection at the barracks for our run. A big sloppy Maggie kiss to you all.  

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