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Free range dog and run away van. Day 158, 69km (3/31/2009)

Another start in the dark today and the day promised yet another hot day. As the sun came up so did the heat. D and I are really getting sick of the relentless day after day running in a fry pan, approach to our.  But what can we do? The weather is the weather and we can’t change it, so we try to look on the positive side of each day. D says with all the sweat that runs down her face she doesn’t need to wash her face clean at the end of the day which saves water.  We kept on running in the heat swapping from the left to right hand side of the road desperate for any splash of shade we could find. We arrived at Miriwinni, where there was someone enjoying the heat, 4 gorgeous plovers chicks, just lapping it up I lay low, as I didn’t want to get swooped by their parents. We ran on to Fishery Falls where I found some relief under some palm trees on the cool grass. There was a dog there barking at me but I was safe as he was in a cage. I’ve notice quite a few dogs in cages lately. I really love my D as she allows me to be a free range dog and not a caged one. We ran on crossing Snake Creek and Washes Pyramid to Mulgrave River, where we were staying for the night. We pulled into camp and set up for the night amongst the; Attention crocodile sign, no swim for me tonight. I was having a pre dinner nap as D was still running in. Uncle G was in the van with me and suddenly we were moving, G flew out of the van and found the truck and the van on their way down hill, going right towards the crocodile filled river. He got to the truck and it was locked, He couldn’t stop it! I was thinking I hope my pink home can float. Luckily there was a pile of gravel in our path and the truck and van conversed into it, stopping us with little damage. We discovered G had left the hand brake off when he pulled up. Boy what a lucky escape! I’m not that sleepy now; I think I need a moment to recover. Ah D’s arrived a good cuddle from her will quiet my racing heart.

Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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