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A hot day and a religious lizard. Day 156, 55.5km (3/29/2009)

We started the day today before sunrise and managed to get some K’S in before the heat set in. We breakfasted by the sea, which was very pleasant, as there was a light breeze blowing our way. We ran on to a town called Kennedy and due to the heat I needed a drink of milk, the lovely family that owned the store gave me my milk for free, which was very kind of them.  After Kennedy the road had recently been done up due to the floods so for a change we had a decent shoulder to run on. The sun kept beaming down on us and the humidity was continuing to rise so when I got to double Barrel Creek I couldn’t resist the temptation to go for a quick dip. D checked to see if it was safe for a swim and she gave me the croc free nod so I plunge into the water but as I was doing this I frighten a large lizard who took off so fast that he ran across the top of the water.  I wondered if he was related to the more famous person who could walk on water?  After my swim we run onto Tully Caravan Park at dusk and were given a generous welcome by the owner. After such a hot, sticky day I was glad to see my big pink Regent home, my home away from home was all set up with the air-conditioner on and after my VIP bikkies and free milk I was off like a light.

Running with you soon
Maggie, Director of Greeting (D.O.G)

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