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A short day but a long one. Day 152, 29.6km  (3/25/2009)

D and I got off to a good start today, me in particular I found a nice deep drain full of cool water and then I got a good roll in the grass a great morning coat cleaning job. After this great start to the day we ran on into Townsville as we came closer to the CBD the paparazzi appeared, this time in was the television after me. I really don’t mind being on TV as it’s in colour and therefore I feel that it shows my true colours. D and I did the interview and continued to run on into town, we stopped to read the map so we knew where we were going and a lady jumped out of a car and gave D a big hug, It was Katie who we had met along with her husband and their two Border Collies in Tasmania, D was so happy to see them but had little time to speak as we need to get to our appointment so she invited them to our evening fundraising event. We had lost a bit of time talking to Katie, which meant D picked up the pace so we could make it to our destination, Anaconda store, Townsville on time.  As we were approaching the store another television crew were chasing us down and filming me.  On arrival at Anaconda we were greeted by Sam and Denise from the store and various other adoring fans but I didn’t have much time to speak to them as D and I were quickly sweep away by more media. First the press wanted photos and then another television station wanted an interview. Sometimes it’s a very tiring life being this famous. After meeting my fans and chatting to the media I was starting to get very tired but had to keep the grin on my face as I had an official greeting by a representative of the Townsville council. At this meeting I had to pass on a letter from the Lord Mayor of Hobart, the honourable Mr Rob Valentine who back in October 2008 wrote letters of introduction to all the mayors Deborah and I will be visiting throughout our journey and we present them to the mayors where we arrive in their community. After this meeting I was pooped but my spirits lift when I finally got to meet Lia a very special person who has been raising funds by getting people to sponsor her for every kilometre she will be running with us tomorrow. We will know how she goes tomorrow; we are all aiming for 55 kms as this will mean that Lia would become part of the $1000 club. After all the talking, meeting, posing and greeting I hopped into the car as D ran onto the Coral Coast caravan park where we will be staying the evening. As it was a short day with an early finish and D had arranged to see a doctor and do some shopping I decided while she was running around I would have a nap as I needed to look glamorous for our evening fundraising BBQ that the caravan park had organized.   The crew returned around 6 pm and we all walked over to the camp kitchen and low and behold there was my favourite food, sausage! No question about what I was eating tonight, what a fantastic effort by the people at the Coral Coast Caravan Park and the BBQ raised over $300 for our cause, thanks a lot. After all the events of the day I am very tired so it’s off to zzzzzzzzzzz land for me.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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