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Footprints, daddy and crocs. Day 151, 67.8km  (3/24/2009)

We left Ayr this morning with happy hearts due to the feeling that we had been lucky to spent time and have met such a wonderful supportive community in Ayr. D and I had not been on the road for long when the scares of the recent flooding made themselves apparent. The roadworks were in full swing which made running difficult due to the dirt, dust, uneven surfaces and the constant need to protect our safety by dodging traffic and machinery. There were a few muddy patches amongst this mayhem so I had fun leaving my footprints in the mud.   As I was having fun playing in the mud I started to wonder about my footprints were these my carbon prints?  Being a princess dog I have no other emissions and seeing we all have a carbon footprint, then these mud prints must be my carbon footprint. Gee you’ll think anyone trading in my carbon footprint would be pretty paw, eh! It’s all bit taxing for me and a little confusing. D’s always talking about losing carb’s, I wonder if this is what she means? We kept on running along the Bruce highway when the phone rang for yet another radio interview. This time it was Steve “Pricey” Price a living legend in Townsville. During the live interview he invited D to come to the station on Thursday and said I could come along so I have something to look forward to over the next couple of days. As the afternoon wore on and the kilometres started to climb, I was starting to feel a little tired and was contemplating stopping for the day when I looked up and there was daddy (Alistair) walking towards me on the road. I was so excited that I nearly bowled him over as I jumped up to give him a hug, I so look forward to seeing my daddy every time he comes up as he always brings lots of love, kisses, cuddles and pats with him, not to mention treats from home. As we were approaching the 65 plus mark we crossed over Alligator creek were we found a dead crocodile on the road, paw thing but it was my first sighting of a crocodile and I now realise why D doesn’t want me near any rivers, its teeth sure looked sharp. After almost 68 kilometres we reached the Caltex station where we are staying the night. I am so tired I can hardly type.

Sleeping whilst standing
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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